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Is hardwork equal to success in life?

 When we see people succeed in their field (sportsmen, actors, politicians etc), we see only their success. We do not think about all the work they did to get to that level. Pessimists will say that they had this natural talent. But they do not think of all the hours of work, all the drops of sweat, all the sacrifices they had to make. Success is like an iceberg. We only see the visible part above the water. But the whole hidden part below is all they had to do to get to the top.

If you are wondering if you are making the effort to succeed, I invite you to do a little exercise with me.
- On a scale of 1 to 5, evaluate the difficulty D of the work to accomplish to reach your goal.
- On a scale of 1 to 5, now evaluate the efforts E and the work you are doing for this project.

It  is simple, now if the value of the effort provided E is less than the  difficulty D of your project, it means that your efforts are not enough  to hope to succeed what you undertake. It's stupid and as simple as that, if you want to achieve something big, you will have to work as hard as it is difficult. There is no chance in life. Opportunities? They come with work.

Let me share with you two experiences that taught me that success comes only with hard work. 

 Hiphop dance 

 When I started Hiphop dancing, I had no gift, no sense of rhythm or movement. I  was like a wooden board and worst of all, because of my shyness and  lack of confidence, I was afraid the other students would judge me.

I started dancing quite late. I had to be in my first year of college. I remember that the other students in my dance class came from high school or even college. I had lots of excuses not to join the dance. Like  "the dance is not for me", "I'm older, I would have to start sooner",  "the dance is done for those who have the rhythm in the skin", etc ...

My learning was not easy. I had to work twice as much as the others. In  addition to overcoming my shyness, fear of others' gaze and learning  basic steps, I had to memorize the choreography like the others. I had difficult moments when I thought I could never be able to dance well like the others. Moments where I could not memorize the slightest series and where looking at me in the mirror dancing it looked like nothing. But I did not let myself be discouraged. I kept repeating myself "work hard and you'll get there! ". I was training at home, watching lots of video. Then  when I had the opportunity with the University of Montreal to book  dance halls as I wished, I was going to train even more. Despite  the age at which I started, I was able to progress quite quickly  catching up to reach a fairly good level (ok, I'm modest).

In short I had lots of excuses not to start but fortunately my passion was stronger. I really wanted to learn to dance and live this passion and not just follow it through videos I watched. Today, I do not regret any drops of sweat that I left, the dance is my passion and brought me a lot in life. 

 Theatrical improvisation 

 My journey with theatrical improvisation is quite similar to that of Hiphop dance. I started theatrical improvisation a little late, at the age of 23 years old. When I started, I had no theatrical experience and worse I was very afraid to speak in public. While  others had the habits of the scene and already knew how to play  characters, emotions and to launch in great tirade, me I was hyper shy  and very uncomfortable with the oral ...

I  saw the level gap with my classmates as if I was looking at the top of  the mountain from below ... It was very hard for me at first. I felt like I had everything to learn. I felt really bad at times. But I think that my will at that moment was hard as hell, I did not miss a single course. I  really wanted to overcome my shyness which was very disabling in my  life and then the dance had taught me that with work everything was  possible.

To  catch up, I even decided to sign up for oral communication classes in  addition to theatrical improvisation to become even more accustomed to  speaking in public. I remember that I spent a lot of time reading classics of literature or watching classic movies (to perfect my culture). I also spent a lot of time studying how to play emotions or characters. I had a train of delays and for me the only way to catch up with others was to do twice as much. Even though I had to spend twice as much time in the bathroom, because I was practicing emotions in front of the mirror ...

After a few months, I felt a little more comfortable on the stage and in the oral.

After 1 year and a half, see 2 years, I think I have caught up and consolidate my bases.

Then after all these years, I was able to develop the qualities and the style of my own. I am able to play on stage in front of a real public.

With the hard work I managed to go from wooden board in motion to good dancer. I managed to move from shy folks unable to speak in a group to an improvisor on stage. I sincerely believe that we are capable of anything with hard work. Luck is not for nothing, everything depends on you and the work you do there.

With  this, I will take note of these lessons I learned to devote myself to  this blog and my dream of becoming a personal development coach. I do not think for the moment to make the necessary efforts to succeed. I have to step up! 


Well hardwork is a good thing in life but only hardwork cannot guarantee success,there are many hardworking people that are still not successful despite all their hard-work ,other factors needs to be added to hardwork in other for someone to become successful,such factors are smart-work,intelligence,focus,determination,patience and accurate knowledge.


It is a part true but not to the fullest.

When you work hard it determines and shows that you are capable of that work and you have it inside you to do that job.

But simply doing that hard work does not determines if you ever going to to be successful or not. 

It requires some planning and most of all it requires being SMART. In order to achieve something in the life one must do the hard work but as well do it smartly to make the payout of that hard work worth it.

So yes, hardwork is needed in life in order to get in the position of success but in addition to that you must need to be SMART or else your efforts might go in vain.


This is a really tough question to answer. Hardworking for the better part is equal to success. But there are still a percentage of people in the world who did everything right and still never succeeded. There's the mantra that parents keep repeating in my country. "Go to school, work hard, when you graduate you'll be successful" I've heard it over a million times in my life but what I see everyday always disputes it.

So basically my answer to your question is yes, hardworking is equal to success in life... If you're lucky


Hard work is needed for success but hard work alone doesn't equal to success. Working hard at the right venture and doing it smartly may lead to success faster than just hard work alone. Hard work has to deal with strength, will, stamina, persistence etc. When these qualities are combined with intelligence (smartness) and in the right venture, success will be guaranteed.

But hard work in itself, will hardly lead anyone to success.


Hard work is a necessary even required component in success, but it is not the only thing needed to equal success in life.