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Do we really have Quality Content Supporters on Steemit?
when i write quality post free from plagiarism with well sourced and credited images, i get almost nothing from it

I honestly get the frustration as months ago I have experienced the same thing as you do now. It's really hard to get constant support and be noticed on this platform especially if you didn't invest any real money. They always say that it's all about quality in order to get support and upvotes but "meh" haven't really had that much luck when I first started. 

Anyways unto your question, YES there are still quality content creators on Steem but only a few can give you a decent upvote. As a matter of fact, 99% of all Steem accounts have less than 500SP. This is one of the major issue in Steem's reward distribution, there are only a few accounts who can give content creators like you a good payout. Added with over 50,000 accounts publishing contents daily, you are basically competing for attention and upvotes with all of them making one's chances of being upvoted very minimal. 

What I can suggest to you (and what I did) is find a community that will help you on your Steem journey. There are also country specific content creators to help you around by using their correct tag, search for your people.  Engage with other Steemians and people who have the same interests as yours. You'll be surprised as to how most Steemians in here are interconnected. Befriending one plankton could mean befriending that plankton's whale friend.

If you are the type of person who is kind-of shy about opening up to other people first, then you could try taking advantage of some Steem platforms where they reward their quality users with upvotes. Platforms like ESteem, SteemPress, DTube and Musing to name a few are platforms which support their users with upvotes for original content posted. :)


I know how it feels when you spend your time and put effort to make quality content and you hardly get any support. I see people supporting quality content. I see that some great people give upvote to someone whenever she/he makes a post. It is because that person always makes quality content.

Honestly speaking, I don't have supporters like them who give upvote whenever I make any post. But I get support from different communities on Steemit. Steemit community really helps people for their quality content. I got support from @adsactly, @ocd, @steemitramble, @gratefulvibes, @steemitbd and so on.

Now come back to your question.

Yes, we really have Quality Content Supporters on Steemit. They are working hard to find out quality content and support Steemians who make quality content and add values to the lives of others. 

If you do not get support from others right away, please don't be disappointed. Keep making quality content. Join Discord channel of different communities. You are not alone. Support other people and eventually you will get support from others. At the beginning of my Steemit journey, I did not spend much time on Discord. Now I think I should have spent more time over there. You can learn a lot from community. That will really help you to do better on Steemit.

Musing is a great platform. You can help other people answering their question. You can get upvote from @musing for your quality answer. Musing curators do their best to find quality answer and question, and support them for their contribution. 

Thank you for your question and wish you all the best!

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Every journey that we start from the bottom it takes some time to reach at the destination that you want. 

Steemit is growing everyday, many people are joining everyday and among them to get to notice quality content is getting tough everyday. It is not that impossible by the way. Yeah it will take time but what you need is consistency.

For the support in Steemit there are few things that will help you to get a hold for yourself

* Join in communities, with the group supporting niche of yours, remember you are not the only one that are doing good contents, people out in here who have good influence needs  to know that you are making quality posts. There are  @adsactly  @qurator @curie @steemitbd  and others who are constantly helping users to get on their feet in here and there are users individually making a lot of difference in Steemit community.

* Engage with other Steemit users and learn. There are few ways to do that as for example Commenting, Discord, go through the posts of users and get the knowledge from them

* New Dapps are being initiated and they are helping users if they act by their rules like @steemhunt @dlike  has been upvoting its content creators even rewarding users by its tokens and musing as well that you can see in here. 

Overall you need to be with the community and do your part and most importantly you need Patience.

So to answer your question, YES there are quality content Supporters in here Steemit. You just need the right direction to follow.


Steemit doesn't care much about the quality of your content if you don't have high SP and are not in the right community. It's just a very minute few in steemit that sincerely support good contents and because they are very few, most good contents get unnoticed. Just keep steeming, you'll hit it big some day.