Is there any way to reduce sex urge?
when the other partner(In marriage) is not strong

There are various ways you can control sex urge. Sex urge firstly starts from the mind so one of the ways you can control sex urge is to control what goes through your mind. When your mind is filled with sexual thoughts, the resultant effect is constant sex urge. So control what goes through you mind.

But in order to control what your mind ponders on, you have to consider what you feed your eyes and ears. What we look at consistently and listen to, influence what go through our minds.. when you spend your time watching or listen to sexual content, you're filling your mind with sexual thought and the resultant effect is sexual urge.

So control what you watch and listen to. You also need to keep yourself busy engaging in productive work. An active heart would have no need dwelling on sexual urge. whenever you're having such urge, just get yourself busy and the urge would die down.


First things first there are certain factors that makes our urge stronger right like seeing naked person or light clothed people in person or most commonly we saw in social media which is mainly controlled by our subsconscious mind.

One of the best proven way is to direct your attention to different things that could divert our thinking to relieve our pent up stress in which our subconscious always tell to masturbate or do sex as a resort to it. Maybe we could talk or chat with friends to keep us busy for the mean time whenever we felt it.

Another thing is to read biblical passages of the consequences of it or better listen to gospel songs.

Another effective solution is to sleep when youre feeling it at home but is not practical if your feeling the urge to sex when you are outdoors.

Don't eat spicy foods or anything that has aphrodisiac effects that will boost your lusts over opposite sex or vise versa.


Yes, human beings are animals and sexual machines, if we are healthy, we will always have sexual impulses, we can not live without sex, because if problems do not start and we should send that energy to other activities to be able to release it

There are people stronger than others who can achieve what they want, I have met people who go to the gym and train more than 6 hours a day and do not need sex or masturbating, have a defined goal and they are so busy that they do not have time to think about sex.

I have had millionaire friends who work up to 20 hours a day for a year without rest and have left all the vices aside, alcohol, drugs, sex.


Plenty of masturbation. Get on pornhub


Masturbation is how I deal with urge.

I'm currently practicing abstinence. Not because I want to, but because I have an affinity towards terrible relationships. I decided to take a break, and have been single 2 years. The urges get pretty bad, so release is important for me to obtain. I imagine it's more intense for men, but based on the fact that we're pushing 8 billion people on the planet, I'm gonna go ahead and guess women get pretty horny too.