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How Can someone stay Happy after realizing no one loves you?

There's a way out of every dilemma I've always made myself believe. So, it's very possible to stay happy even after you've discovered that no one loves you.

To start with, as a rule of life, never allow your happiness to rest on people or relationships. If you do, that's death sentence for yourself already. Happiness is an inside job. Its a risk to give someone else that job over your life. What if the person chooses not to make you happy by their words, action and attitude? That means you've given up your chance to life, your chance to be happy.

There are several things you can do to be happy if you discover some persons don't love you.

1. Do you love yourself?  Nobody wants to be around someone who doesn't see themselves as worth being around. Love yourself but most importantly, work on being a better you.

2.Make up your mind to move on. Its bad enough to fall. Its worse staying where you fell. If i go to a company to apply for a job, it's either you're given the job or not. Why kill yourself if company A doesn't give you the job when you can easily move on to company B.

3. Try to calm down and reassess the situation. Some situations are not as bad as they appear when we are angry. Is it possible that you used the wrong lines, said the wrong thing or conveyed your thoughts the wrong way? If you can answer these questions, then we've prevented future re-occurrences.

4. Be positive in your approach to the problem. A negative mind cannot produce a positive life. One person's refusal to love me opens the door for several others to love me. The person who doesn't love you just lost a chance to be with an amazing, special, caring, trustworthy person like you. Its their loss not yours. That's how I like to think. When you think this way, there'll be no room for self-pity thoughts.

5. It's impossible that no one loves you. The world is running into several billions of people and the list is increasing by the day. So, it's not possible that everyone hates you. You've only met a few people. Don't generalize.

6. Change your circle of friends. If you've been around some sets of people over the years, chances are that they are just like you. They also maybe think like you. You need to break out of the circle of people who cannot influence you positively. Go out there and meet with other people. You would forget in a moment that someone doesn't love you and you'll be happy again.

7. Be honest with yourself. Is it possible that you've got several attitudes and character traits that repel people from coming close to you? How about you focus on yourself right now and work on giving those attitudes a kick out of your life and become a better you.

8. Follow the law of reciprocality.  You get back what you give to others. Give love to others,and you'll get same back. Growing up as a teenager, I  heard a lot of my teenage friends whine that nobody loves them and all. That wasn't a problem for me because I made up my mind to focus on loving other people.  I think it's maturity to be on the giving side of love too. 

There's so much you can do to be happy but just know that your being happy is entirely your responsibility. Make that choice today and see happiness return yo your life.


forget 'staying happy' and figure out what the fuck needs changing in oneself that would be the reason no one loves you, and get to work on exercising the self-love to live a life in alignment with your higher self - at which point, the external love is a given...


Happiness is an internal thing. If you're talking about romantic love, a situation where you're without a relationship may actually be happier than when you're in a relationship depending on how good you are at relationships. Relationships tend to be characterized by a greater range of feelings of happiness and unhappiness. The best moments in a relationship can be very happy ones but the worst can be terrible. When you're alone, life tends to be more tranquil without the peaks and valleys. I have noticed that my tolerance for bullshit in relationships has been inching downwards over the years. If I were out of a relationship again, I think I'd be very very careful about who to get together and on what terms. 


Well I think you will be happy depending on your expectation.

It is true that you will not be happy if no one loves you, but I think we are sing love one sidedly

Despite our appearances, our attitude, our opinions there will always a person who loves us. No matter what we have friends that love us, we have our brothers, our sisters, our parents, relatives and many other person that surrounds us. Well if you are saying that they all not love you, still we have our God who loves us. If we can't be happy knowing that no one loves us, maybe our expectations was too high. We must be contented to those person who loves us and not depend our happiness to  single person who doesn't love us


Self love is very important in the lives of everyone,you need to love yourself first before you become bothered

about those that love you or not,when you love yourself it will enable you to be able to stay happy even when

you feel no one loves you,i know self love might not be easy for some people but it is necessary and i believe

that you are the major key to your own happiness and you can make yourself happy even if the whole world

turn their back against you.../but it would also be a great step to take in finding out why we are not getting the love that we desire,when people do not love us it could

be their fault and it could also be our own fault too so it is not a bad idea if we try to find out why we are not loved...


You can't

Been there, tried to do that

Realised that it doesn't work that way

Decided to wallow in my misery 😿


I'll tell you something, well I'd better tell you only three things, if you decide to accept them you will be happy, but you can never be happy, the first, you can not want to understand everything, I explain, life is too complex and happens of all kinds of things, as you get older you try to find meaning to life, and I assure you that for some reason we are here, because nothing happens at random, but we can not be sure of that, you live with your body working and you do not know completely how everything works, so simple is life, you live, do not feel, experience, can not understand.

Second, there is always someone who loves us, the problem is the place where we are and the chains we put on in life, all those chains are in your mind, think about why not change places and people, maybe you are in the wrong place and wrong place, that's just it.

And finally, look at the meaning of life is different for each person, everything is in the mind, some seek love in a couple, others help the needy and get love and satisfaction in return, others help the world and are useful in helping and also receive love, love comes from many sources, do not confuse emotional dependence on a person with love, love, is something much more than that, when you learn fully that it is love and that it comes from many sources, I am sure you will find where to receive it from and you will be happy, I love you very much and I care about your life, that's why I write to you, but, for that I would do it, I hope this will help you, look for life, it is out there waiting for you.


Accept the reality

A person's attitude towards us can sometimes make us wonder, why has he been so kind and caring to us all this time? We think that his attention is a sign that he likes us. In fact, attention is not always proof that someone likes us more than just friends. It could be, he is indeed to everyone, including the opposite sex. Now, try to open your eyes wide and pay attention: how does he behave towards other friends?

There are more people who are PDKT with us. He chat us every day, call for hours, and sometimes invite to go together. Wow, really attention. Initially we may be uncomfortable or annoyed, but after a while we fall in love. Our turn has fallen in love, eh he just disappeared. Bitter again, it turns out he invented someone else. Duh, isn't that sad ?! Well, girls, realize that someone's feelings are easy to change, especially if they are still in the PDKT stage. A man can PDKT with several women at once. So if he cares, asks to go together, and so on, it could be done simultaneously to several women.

This is a very important lesson: consider all of them as friends before there is commitment. Don't let our feelings develop too far.

What if we ultimately love our own friends? Initially there was no feeling, pure friendship, but over time, a spark of love arose. Unfortunately, it's just our feelings. He really only considers us as friends, nothing more. Bitter? Certain.

If we like someone and the person we like doesn't know our feelings, it's good to let us know. It doesn't matter if he later rejects it; at least he already knows. Harboring a feeling of love for years and guessing whether he has the same feelings will only torture you. Convey your feelings, let him know. If he refuses, accept that fact. We win when we dare to express feelings, no matter whether they are accepted or rejected in the end.

No matter how simple a reality is, it is still better than illusion. For what reason do we feel false happiness by continuing to assume that he has the same feelings as us, but not. One day, when he is invented with someone else, that fact will slap us, and it will definitely hurt more. Get up from dreams and hopes that are aground, accept this reality!