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Is having six packs possible for an obese person?
A person with obesity may be able to get a six pack stomach with a hard effort. Strict diet, liposuction, exercise with a special trainer, and plastic surgery to remove the sagging skin after all the fat is gone.

Diet by reducing the portion of carbohydrates, high in fiber and protein is very helpful to form a good muscle body. A professional-supervised exercise is helpful, as if a professional trainer will guide you in every exercise to get your body coveted.

Consult a doctor to do liposuction and plastic surgery can also be done for those of you who want an instant way.
Now i will start with a question. If someones eye is thickly covered with sand,will he be able to see with it? Obvious answer "CAPITAL NO".
Now what is obesity?
It is the accumulation of body fat .When the body max index is 30 or more you are said to obese. every obese individual will always have big Tummy, its a sure formula for finding an obese person.There will be lots of fat under the skin in the belly of an obese which is referred to as SUBCUTANEOUS. Also, there will be fats around the organ (VISCERAL). All these accumulations made me wonder how an obese will swallow the possibility of having SIX PACKS. If by any chance something that looks like that is seen, i bet its FAT PACKS. If an eye covered with sand cant see,then a belly full of fat cant have SIX PACKS. Pack the sand by rinsing the eye thoroughly,when the eye is cleared and treated well, it will begin to see clearly. that is just an analogy.
The only visible possibility is for an obese to slim down completely. stop junk foods, do lots of exercise,take good treatment and burn the fats.that is the only strict possible way. Abs is for the slim ones with less fat that can do the required body building ab exercise like machine crunch, plank, Cable pallof press, Ab wheel rollout and so on. putting all these together and thinking of the lazy nature of an obese, the possibility of having SIX PACKS is hardly visible.
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It is very much possible, but it has dependency on several factors.

First of the obesity caused by - it is not necessarily that the obesity is because of high calorie intake sometimes it is genetic reason and others based on you body's metabolism and the calories burning mechanism. Based on these you have work your way through.

Just burning calories won't be enough you have to watch the intake too and overall health.

So my advice is just get in shape and stay healthy. Chiseling down to abs take lot of work and if your body type doesn't match with it then don't force it. There is no point of having nice abs but feeling sick inside...


PS : I too joined the gym to get abs while I am able to regain shape and strength.. abs are totally different story... And I am not yet ready to give up on those delicious foods items.. Not yet.
Yeah it is possible,what the obese person needs to do is that he or she should first of all go to gym and burn those fat,when they burn the fat they can now begin fitness training that will make them have abs or the six packs like you called it,so yes it takes alot of hardwork but it is possible if the person believe in theirselves,staying fit should be the priority of the obese person
Yeah having abs is possible for an obese person that is ready to work on their fitness and become someone that is physically fit,the more excercise the person is doing the better their chances of getting the abs which they desire