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I blog about photography, where should i submit my posts?
Currently i post my links to Flipboard, Steemit and Reddit. Where else ?

I would highly recommend doing these for your photography blogs. 

1. Use available platforms which runs off steem like http://elegance.blue  . It focuses on Art and photography as well. Your content would be very focused within this category and would be best suited for you. 

2. You could start your very own wordpress hosted site and use Steempress as one of your plugin. By using that, you would not only have a dedicated site to showcase your work but also it will automatically post in steemit.   Steempress also provides some support by upvoting good content, its not guaranteed but they are supporting a lot of authors. 

3. You could also use http://share2steem.com and continue publishing your work on Instagram which will then automatically create a post on Steemit each time you post on instagram with the #share2steem 

Within the next few months I'm sure there would be more and more apps which will support various categories for posting and Photography apps would surely be one of these amazing apps. 

Cheers and have a great weekend


You could use steepshot, then edit the post and add more in steemit later.  I also like using Partiko on my phone but I think you can only upload one photo in each post at the moment, but I'm sure that will change soon.


The best platform on Steem right now for posting  "personal" blog style posts like photography (whether of travel/food/art) is ESteem. The @esteemapp account currently holds over 578,000SP which usually rewards content creators around $1.5-$2 per post if curated by the ESteem team. 

However if you don't mind much about the rewards, then SteepShot is definitely the best platform for Photography posts.. It kinda works and looks like Instagram so it's easy to navigate the site and their app. But as what I've noticed lately, only a few people are actually curating on that platform making it kinda disappointing to those who want to get noticed and rewarded too for their efforts. 

steepshot.io is the most popular Steem platform targeting photography. I think it tends to be lifestyle photography (like instagram) rather than photography blogs but it's worth checking out.

There are also lots of photography contests, for example:
#urban-photocontest tag
* 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge by czechglobalhosts
* B&W Photo Contest by daveks

I'm sure you could combine your photography blogs into entries to these contests, or use contest entry posts to build an audience as a starting point!
There are many platforms you can drop your photos at. Steepshot, Instagram, Belacam, Steemit etc.

There's a strong photography community on steemit. There are multiple challenges and contests that are run regularly. There's even an RPG style platform that levels up photographers based on how active they are.

Someone you should check out is @juliank. Guys like @tcpolymath and @eveuncovered can also provide some inspiration.

If you want to spread your art further you could consider submitting works to pixabay and unsplash.
For photography posts, it is recommended to make use of steepshot. You can join their discod server here https://discord.gg/ajMVGp where you can meet other photographers.
You can create your post in steepshot. This apps is best for posting photos and videos. You can also create post from busy.org because busy.org and busy.pay may be give you a vote worth depends on your followers, followers SP and your reputation. You can use steemit website or esteem app which is you feel better to use it.
I think the best is to submit it to seemit account and write a short description of that photo. It may be well liked and earn you lots of cash.
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