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Should i upvote my own post?
Or should i try some bots to get upvotes up ?

I for one think that this is a matter of common decency

Imagine someone with an upvote value of around $20 and is posting 5 blog posts a day, all in low-quality content. While it is not technically wrong or illegal since anyone is entitled on how they want to use their stake on Steem, but when you take into consideration other users in the platform especially those planktons or minnow who are just starting out and invested a lot of time and effort into creating a quality post, it's obviously not fair to them!!

But what about those accounts whose upvote value is around $0.01? 

I highly recommend not upvoting your own blog posts/comments even if are only posting One Post/Day. Based on my personal experience, it is so much better to spend that $0.01 full upvote value to authors who are engaging with your content and authors who share the same interests as you. 

Speaking from experience, I have had a few people here who supported me back after I always give them my full upvote. It's the thought that counts they say. XD 

So yeah! I highly recommend if your upvote value is less than $1 to just spend it to people who shares the same interests as you as they are likely to support you back. Not to mention that sometimes especially if they are a good writer, the curation rewards you get from upvoting their content is almost always double. :)


There are also of arguments about this on steemit. If you have loads of steem power, giving for example 20 quid to yourself sounds like a plan. I would be very attracted to upvoting myself in this situation . Some whale accounts just upvote themselves and you all know who leaving no curation for the rest of us. So thats one extreme. I do not upvote myself because I think that it is not worth it with the steempower  I hold. My upvote is only a few cent so there is no point. I don't like giving myself a clap or a pat on the back so I dont do it. Some guys do it after the rest of the pool gets their curation. I think this isn't too bad. If you use bots you are not really growing, you are only growing your rep score and nothing else. When you stop using bots then what have you left. An empty shell of an account. What I did was upvote others so they will in turn follow you and maybe upvote some of your stuff. Find your people and some of them might even be whales and an upvote from them can be way more than a bot or self vote. 

Are you asking about the socalled moral aspect, or the practical / technical aspect ?

in both cases i think the answer is yes and about everybody does it ...

But there's a few things to consider that arent really in the steemit manual (WHERE THE HELL IS THE STEEMIT MANUAL?) and i doubt everyone reads the whitepaper front to back, and i also doubt people know where to go looking to follow up on developments from day to day either.

you have to consider your vote worth

if you look at steemnow.com/ and enter your username (the handle with the at - thing)

you will see in the top-left a rounded number, there's a calculator too, to simulate how much you'd get with any given amount of steem power, now this is all good once you get over minnow level, as plankton you would actually need a third digit to be precise because the number is rounded

So is the estimate on the steemit UI and afaik (as far as i know) so is the one on busy, and probably here too as it only shows two digits , like classic currency would.

If you get a dolphin or higher vote that one cent wont bother you. If you're starting out that one cent makes a lot of difference due to something called "dust treshold"

the dust treshold is the level at which your post or comment actually gets paid out. This is (unless changed) an EXACT 0.02SBD estimate on the UI so

if you see 0.01 on the payout estimate on the steemit UI under your post you will get nothing at cashout_time because it is not over dust treshold

if you 0.02 you "might" get it paid out because it might be 0.02 to 0.0249xxxx

but it also might not be since it can be 0.015 to 0.0199 (that would NOT be paid out)

how do you know for sure ? this is pretty technical, its not rocket science but it does require some digging and calculation

the actual value of anything here is always derived from something called "vests"

vests are a bit like shares really , a small% of the total pool

to know your own steempower in vests you have to look at your account json data

this is done like https://steemit.com/@youraccountname.json

there you have to look for the lines that say

delegated_vesting_shares and

you calculate vesting + received minus delegated : that's the shares that determine your steem power

out-geeked yet ? because thats the simple part :p

after that you need to find the reward fund and the state

you can do this with rpc calls

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "get_reward_fund", "params": ["post"], "id": 40 }
{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "get_state", "params": ["post"], "id": 40 }

respectively and out of those you need to extract

out of those you need to extract

reward_fund : recent_claims and reward_balance


state : base and quote

python or javascript is the common method , i prefer to use linux shell scripting

curl --silent --data '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "get_reward_fund", "params": ["post"], "id": 40 }' https://api.steemit.com |../commands/pretty_please.sh0 >jsondataaa
totvar=$(cat jsondataaa |grep -oP '(?
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Yes. If the quality of your content were the only factor allowed to influence your payouts and if you were not allowed to self-upvote at all (say, if voting your posts from anonymous alt accounts were somehow made impossible), then pray tell why would you ever power up? To help other people make money? Now, you could enter into an agreement with other users to vote each other in a circle. But that's effectively the same as self-upvoting. If self-upvoting were made impossible and the system were, by some miracle, capable of making circumventing the ban on self-upvoting completely impossible, there would be no reason whatsoever to power up except for a philanthropist. Philanthropy is not investing. 

Interestingly, I think I've just articulated the fundamental problem of stake-based voting as a method to reward quality content. In practice, what most stakeholders of Steem do is a mixture of both effectively self-voting and voting for the purposes of curating content for the benefit of the whole platform. 25% of the STEEM created in every block goes to curators. Some have argued that the percentage should be 50% to make curation great again. The problem is that we actually want content-discerning curation which is what bid bots are not about and bid bots pay curation rewards to delegators. 

I think we should accept that Steem has many partially conflicting goals and what we are witnessing in real life is an imperfect compromise. Things will get interesting with SMTs as we will then have many competing tokens each free to implement any payout model the creators wish. Hopefully, STEEM will increasingly become a resource token and that curation will be increasingly be done using SMTs as rewards each tailored to a niche.

I don’t see anything wrong in upvoting yourself. Everyone has the right to promote his/ her post.
There are few people who joined this platform to earn some extra money.
We have also noticed the when people don’t have large network they can’t get much upvotes on their posts. I think instead of criticize on self-voting the emphasis should be given towards quality of content.
As a quality post always contribute towards the value addition of the platform.
However, you have to see what your vote worth is. If you have good voting power you upvote yourself.
You can also join different platform like musing to increase your earning.
Some bot can also be helpful in this regard.
Why not? I you had valuable power and that's power is going to waste. For that it is the est use to upvote your own quality content post. But remember your post must be a quality content post not plagiarism,copy post. Be careful about it. You also use bid-bots to get profit. It also helpful for you.
That depends on a few different things. Do you find your content valuable? Do you feel the need to reward yourself for doing something? Do you expect a certain return on your stake weighted investment to the platform (if you made any investment)? If the answer to any of these are yes, then you may want to upvote your own post.

Many of us tend to not upvote our own content and use our voting power to reward others. That's strictly a personal preference and by no means a rule or mandatory thing. I didn't vote any of my own content for most of the last year and just trusted others to vote on my content if they felt it or I added value to the platform, but recently I started following a trail to help decentralize the chain more than I was before. If the trail votes on me then I end up voting on myself anyway because I follow that trail.

Ultimately it's just up to you to decide what you want to do with your own vote and whether or not you want to reward other users or yourself.
Yes .... No

Truth is unless you are a mega big Orca or Whale and post like 100% - 10 times a day, It does not really matter if you do or don't

What matters is 101 other things like you content, your community, your contribution, your originality, etc.

The question of "should I self-vote" should be followed by the question of: When should I upvote my own posts?

If one upvotes early, they deny curation rewards to others. 

Some people self-vote on day five. This has the affect of increasing the curation rewards for the post.

The makers of SteemIt sold the currency as an investment. People who bought the coin as an investment feel compelled to self-vote. I cannot fault people who bought the coin with this in mind when they invested in STEEM.

BTW: busy.org auto-upvotes new posts. It is an annoying feature.

There is no clear answer to this question, but rather up to each and everyone. I always upvote my own posts, but rarely my own comments. Some people hate it when people upvote their own content, but most people think it's okay. So just do what you are comfortable with, and what you think is ethical.
It depends on your vote value. If you are a minnow, with a vote value less then 0.01, there is no real reason to upvote your own posts. It will not help any. If you want to grow, bots are the best way to do it. Different bots have different plans, ROIs, etc. For example, my bot, @KiwiBot, offers a 0.10 upvote on every post you create for 1 month in exchange for 1 STEEM. You would have to pay an initial amount, but you would eventually make an ROI, and make money after the ROI period. Unless you can find followers another way, bots are the best way to grow.
No. Now the blockchain doesn't reward curation for anyone who upvote their own content. Its just a waste of you voting power and any reward you get from curation is returned to the reward pool again.
Yes ,you have upvote your post but your your upvote will counted but you will not get the credit of that because of the reputation you have scored .so I always tell everyone in my group that first you increase the reputation score then only you will be able to get good earning so I always been getting upvote.
If your reputation score in steemit is above 50 then you will give upvote to yourself post then you will see some dollars in your post so for they please increase the reputation score in steemit.
It upon you if you wish you can upvote your post if you love your content and it has some realistic words then my answer is yes you can upvote your post. As everyone is doing the same if they have better voting power people themselves upvote and start making money and make their post in trending.

Based on my experience you shouldn't be up voting your own post.  There are a couple of reasons I think why you should not up vote you post and they are as follows:-

1. If you are new to the platform and if you up vote your own post than it wont give you anything since your Voting Power doesn't contribute to any amount due to low Steem power. Instead use the up voting for networking with other fellows and up vote content which you really like. This, will help you get more followers to your blog and you would automatically start getting up votes from your followers.

2. Every-time you up vote a percentage of Voting Power diminishes. So, instead of wasting it up voting your own content or post use it wisely reading others post to learn and up vote those post which you feel deserves to be up voted. 

3. Finally, self up vote is not considered good by the community. So, why get into it when the community does not recommend it.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


It depends on quite a few things. 

 How big is your account and how many votes you have per day. If you are new and restricted to say 5 votes per day then you need to use them as a tool to grow. The only way you are going to grow is by having people follow you.

Reading posts and commenting is the only way to grow when you have limited resources. If you vote yourself it may have no value and be so small it is lost and is burned. That would be a total waste and benefit no one. Your vote is part of your strength along with a good comment.

I have a 6c vote at the moment and don't upvote my own posts. I see it as more valuable sharing what I have as I receive more back in votes and follows.


It's a question of morals and values. Do you feel it's ok to use your Vote Power on yourself instead of supporting the work of other people? If you do, then it's ok to self upvote.


The usual compromise is upvoting your own posts but not your own comments.

In the normal economy, would you spend all your money on others and nothing on yourself?


Yes, you absolutely should upvote at least one of your own posts a day.  Holding SteemPower is important to the economy of Steem.

Holding SteemPower should be rewarded and also you should upvote the posts that you like.  If you don't like your own post, who will?