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If you could update the human body, what features would you include?
I wonder if Steemit can come up with better answers than Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/953oa6/if_you_could_update_the_human_body_what_features/<br>;)

Immunity to all diseases, known and yet unkown

Increased brain capacity, and understanding to go with it,

Ability to regenerate lost limbs or organs.

Funny enough the one thing I would not upgrade is life expectancy.

The population is already out of control, and why I believe being healthy while alive is a good thing I wold not want to have humans live for thousands of years. Imagine the wars, the famines, the destruction that would come about if this were the case. Dictators and despots never dying, armies with the abilities described above, war would become never ending on a planet where already there aren't enough resources to go around.

In fact I might build in a limiting factor. Between 50 and 60 years then you are done.

As comedian Steven Wright used to say

My birth certificate came with an expiry date


If I could update the human body what features would I include? there is a few to be honest.

I always find that I need either two of me or another set of hands when i am busy, so I think that I would like to have another set of arms and hands so I can do double the work.

I think that I also would like wings but there is a little problem there as I am scared of heights so that might not be the best thing to add to it.

I think that I would add an extra gene to make sure that no one ever got cancer as I think that there are a lot of good people in the world that die from this and it is not fair.

I would like to add something to the body that filters air, as pollution is getting worse and this is going to cause problems for loads of people all over the world if not everyone.

Be fireproof, would be another great factor, I had a friend who died in a house fire while he slept and this was a heartbreaking time. with the bit above he would have survived.

I think that we should only be aloud to have a max of two children per couple or per women as this would bring down the population which is spiraling out of control. I do have 3 kids so I know how this must sound but I think that the world is already over run and there is no where for anyone to go anymore. the only way to solve this right now would be another world war, and no one wants that to happen. 


Wings would be cool. The ability to fly.

You'd probably need to overhaul everything else to get them to work; lighter bones, stronger muscles and all. But it would be worth it.

I would fly everywhere. To work. Home from the pub. Across the sea. Around the living room.

Definitely wings.
If I had the option to update my human body, I would like to update my brain.
As brain is the most critical part of human body and it control all the body function.
With updated brain I can upgrade my knowledge and can use for the benefit of all the people.
With upgraded brain we can resolve the many problem we face today.
With upgraded brain cure to many complicated diseases can be found.
The ability to regenerate limbs when they are lost due to accident. Losing arms and/or legs is one of the worst disabilities that can occur to anybody.
The ability not to have a bitter heart towards anyone. I feel the reason for most of the evil in the world is simply because there is so much bitterness in the world. Why would anyone take a gun and begin to shoot innocent people who didn't do anything to him/her. Honestly, I wish I can update this feature to make the world a better place and enjoyable.
If I had a option to update human body I will firstly update the brain because there is too much differences we see in all the life and everyone thinking of themselves and no able to work properly and we see he is a good brain working problem.so I update equal storing capacity on all the brain so there will be no dissimilarity we see.

The next thing I like to update is a wings should be connect on the human body because wings will be very important thing in all the person living in the world.if I update wings then people can surely visit that place wherever they wanted to go and also without wasting time we can travel all over the world and there should be no visas to the country also.

Thanks for Readings
There's been nice bit on that thousands of years ago by the [mayans](http://www.angelfire.com/va3/ritas_nativeamerican/7-mayan-prophecy.html)

quote from tfa

*That all the human beings have the opportunity to change and to break their limitations, receiving a new sense; the communication through the thought.

The men who voluntarily find their state of inner peace, elevating their vital energy and taking their frequency of inner vibration of the fear towards the love, will be able to catch and to express itself through the thought and with him will bloom the new sense.

The additional energy of the ray trasmitido by Hunak-Hu activates the genetic code of divine origin in the men who are in a high frequency of vibration, this sense extended the conscience of all the men, generating a new collective and universal individual reality.*

It actually converges with the hindy [Satya Yuga](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satya_Yuga) ... same thing, the end of corruption.

You can't lie if you communicate in thought

Satya Yuga is an epoch of enlightenment, which follows after the [Kali Yuga](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali_Yuga) , an *era of wickedness* under the influence of the demon Kali (which is not the same as the goddes Kālī), polytheism is a bit more complicated, maybe because its a few thousand years older, maybe 5 maybe ten

But personally i think we already gave up evolution to technology

if you consider life in the broadest sense as an entity, it would not care wether its carbon based or otherwise, i just wants to propagate and expand. Wether that's biological or mechanical is of no importance. The one most able to adapt has more chance to make it.

A part of Darwin that is often misunderstood, *its NOT the smartest or the strongest, but the one most able to adapt* , and it's a chance, not a given.

If you end up on top of the foodchain you have the best ability to destroy your cradle, which clearly shows (as does the kali-yuga, does it not?)

You can still go extinct because you run out of food or resources, nothing say you will make it to the next step because you are on top. What is on top tends to give up on adaptation, there is no need for it so,

since that first ape picked up a rock to cave in the other apes skull, it actually already started. Evolution is a game of chance and statistics, not some mechanical law.

By giving in to technology the need to evolve becomes less because less accidents cause fringe existence to survive more than middle-of-the-bell-curve

the pool grows stale and the past chokes the future trying to hold on to it

in essence , by relying on technology, the statistical chance that an evolved human gets more chance in the pool gets smaller and smaller, its not about need , its pure statistics, so if life is simply life then mechanical lifeforms will get more and more chance to survive as the current condition grows more dire every year.

it might already be too late, if nothing is done the point of no return could be as close as 2050 , planet sustainability or physics does not follow paper law

... is that lag over yet, i have stuff to do :D

me :


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The ability to regenerate eyes. All body part are valuable but to me the eyes is the king of them all. Without eyes man won't be able to see where all other body part are leading him to.
When I see this question the first thing that comes to my mind is deus ex. I think one of the best features is to add on this extra pack of energy boosters so when we get tired, our energy boosters can actually provided that energy gap.

Then It would be great that I could install a hard disk ssd or some brain hard disk that would boost the available memory.

I would also put on a bionic arm that can multiply my strength. So when I see any heavy stuff.

I would want to update my kidneys so I could eat anything I want and still a good sets of beans.

Ability to be invisible, fly and capability to teleport.


I really like the idea of having wings because every time when I travel in a plane and watch the world below through a window, I used to admire how big this world it. Having wings can give me that opportunity to observe this world from any higher location. But if we go for wings them our current eyes may not be enough for vision, we will need hawk eyes to observe what's going on below when we are flying.


The ability to become invisible is a nice feature that anyone can have. If we have that feature, we will be able to do so many things. But it will not be interesting if the feature is available for everyone. It should be available only when we achieve something or do some enhancements. It should not be easily affordable. But there is a high possibility that invisibility can induce lots of negative things as well. It can increase theft and abuse.


This is an excellent capability one can have. This makes it easy to travel from one place to another without any necessity to actually travel. We should be able to disappear from any place and appear in a place that we want to be. This will be a great skill to have.


I'm a simple man, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. 

I would upgrade my brain for a faster bandwidth and retention rate, as well as improved IQ, and maybe enhance an organ or two. 


I would give us the power of flight.

Next I would say immunity to disease

I would also like to be able to grow back lost body parts

Then maybe something cool like laser eyes or X ray vision if we are allowed to go that wacky with the answer.