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Is it okay if i start following everybody in Steemit?
Or is there some kind of a bot ?


Following everyone on Steemit does not guarantee your high payout and it does not enable you to have huge amount of followers. Sometimes people who follow large amounts of people do end up with low followers collared to the number of people they followed. Always make sure you follow people who can help and support you and people who post what you love to read about. Also, avoid the follow me I follow you mindset because not everyone will follow you back. Always make sure you produce good content and support others by upvoting and commenting as this will enable you earn more followers. 





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You can follow everybody on Steemit if you like. What I realized is that it is important to engage with people. If we engage with other people, we can get to know each other. That's way we can connect with all the people.

If you click the Follow button, follow everybody just for the sake of follow, I'm not sure it will help you that much.


Before following people, ask yourself some questions such as what I'm passionate about, what I love to talk about, what I enjoy most writing on steemit, how I want to see myself in the future. Now follow them who write and talk what you are passionate about. You will find many people who have similar interests like yours. 

Follow people because you like their content, contribution to the community, personality or they have something that you admire. if you want to do something better in anything, you have to follow other people who are successful. You can learn a lot from them. That will help you to improve your skills. And you can do better in the future. 

So is it okay if you start following everybody on Steemit?

Yes, it is okay, but it is better if you follow people whom you really like to follow. 


You can follow as many people as you want on Steemit, but will it get you anywhere? Probably not. Well, unless your plan is to be one of those annoying resteem services - do people even use them anymore? A key part of there strategy is to follow as many people as possible in the hope that peope will follow them back - no idea if this still works, but if it does the type of followers they get are usually pretty trashy.

Anyway back to the question! Yes you can follow as many people as you please, but if you actually want to grow and get to know people then you are far better to start by following a small handful of people and engaging with them frequently - this way they will get to know you and you will start to create a relationship with them. I follow about 150 people and go through my following list often, as sometimes people just go off the radar completly or sometimes it turns out people arent actually posting what I am interested in


There's no rule against it as far as I know. You might run down the bandwidth allocated to you depending on how quickly you do it, meaning you might have to wait awhile for it to recharge. Also, some bot might detect it as other bot activity and flag you.

If you still have your mind set on following everyone in steemit then start with @holovision who was kind enough to answer your question. :-)


There is no any problem on how much you follow it doesn't mean that the more you follow the more you get upvotes.for illustrate the people with less followers can earn good amount of money rather than a people with good followers.

If we had a good followers then we should have a good community and there is no any problem that how much we can follow.but there is a problem that we can not follow more people at a time .we have to follow people one by one at a time.

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100% okay.

why ?

For me, I learn from people and good people I follow what good things I should be doing ahd bad people will teach you what things I shouldn’t do.

its depend how you handle your number of follwers. If you can handle it then it’s okay

most of all it’ll increa your number followers because generally people will follow you back. We live in world where Some people are selling x amo of followers for x amount of $

finally if you find someone is annoying then you always have the option to unfollow. It’s not like you’re married with them. 


You can do that but in now way, shape, or form will it help you. Just folloing someone will not get you any engagement with the other posters. YOu need to actually talk to people and engage in converstion.