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What is your opinion about musing.io?
I am just new here in musing.io and I am not that sure if I should answer or ask question everyday or once in a while. Can you please share your opinion about it. Need your answers. Thanks.

What is my opinion of @musing these days? It depends which aspect you are asking about. From a developmental point of view, the platform has been stagnate for months. Here is a review I did on the dapp when I was new on Steem and before it received the massive delegation from @ned.


A quick glance shows that @jonching and his team have not made huge changes since launch. Aside from the ability to post your answers onto your blog, not much seems to have changed from the user end.

Most feedback from users of Musing seem to be positive as I browse through its Discord server. There are some complaints about repeating questions and plagiarized answers. As far as I know, the team and its curators could only hide low quality content manually.

As far as the lack of development go, I am not the only one with that sentiment. In fact, @littleboy voiced his concern over the issue months prior.

From a  personal point of view, I enjoyed Musing. The lack of delegation does not stop me from continuing using the platform until it expires. The most valuable thing I have gotten from it has been the writing prompts it offers.

I usually prefer writing posts between 250-500 words. Readers' attention has a factor over why I chose those specific numbers. Unless I am determined to read, I do not seek out longer publications for amusement. This somewhat aligns with the length of videos when browsing places such as YouTube.

In closing, whether @musing live or die does not matter to me. I have laid out the aspect of it I enjoyed. The loss of delegation should serve as a cautionary tale for future developers. 

It is not enough you should have a working platform. It needs to have a source of revenue. A dapp that relies only on delegations cannot succeed. Unless, you have deep enough pocket to sponsor it indefinitely.



Musing is a question and answering platform. All you have to do is ask questions or answer questions. It doesn't matter which you should do first. 

You can decide to come here everyday and ask questions

Or you can also decide to come here and answer questions

Or you can even do both.

It is up to you and your decision to make.

Just relax and enjoy the flow.


Oh what a great question, looking at our recent global world now. Everything seem to be about internet and this internet has brought a lot of innovating idea that can be use to improve our knowledge based on our global world.

So based on your question, at first we all heard about blockchain and we all know what the blockchain is and how it is improving our internet activities.

How will it been if knowledge are been distributed around the world where we all seems to know new things every day by day. Where we have people that will give us a correct answers and give us more knowledge on what we want to know and not only that we should even be rewarded due to our effort on asking and answering questions. That is very nice and encouraging.

Due to your question. Musing is a platform that came up to be rewarding author because they think people deserves to get rewards on every question and answers.

So my opinions is listed below concerning musing as a platform. They are:

*They reward authors on questions and answers

*They create knowledge opportunity all around the global world

*They introduce people to the benefit of blockchain

*Most especially,they help users to gain followers, reward on the steemiy platform

* They increase users knowledge

* They givea rewards out of fun

And many more.

Hope i have gone to answer your question to some extent.

On musing you can ask and answer question at any time it os just based on your choice and how much you want anf ought to be rewarded. The more you answer question and giving a correct answers to the question ask the more you get rewarded.

So the more you answer is only based on your choice about getting rewarded.

Thanks for reading!!


Musing has a vision of meeting the need of inquisitive person by the same users in the steemit platform. Though it's a platform that are focused on users asking questions and another knowledgeable user on such particular field giving impactful and reasonable response to it but it go as far helping users build their knowledge on a field as well as encourage users who are dedicated with earning.

Though the earning isn't a right and it comes seldomly, but they have designed the platform to make sure no one brain drain himself but get upvoted as incentives to keep the spirit of steemit alive and bring out the importance of record.


@Anne0130, It depends upon in what particular person is good at, some people can be good in asking some mind boggling questions which can expand the discussions and some are good in answering. So it's individual interest. I prefer to answer. Stay blessed. 🙂


We are new to Steem blockchain and trying out some of the DApps and seem like Musing is one of the popular one. As it run on top Steem blockchain, it allowed the user to earn Steem by either answer or ask a question. Beside, we found that it is a good way to get certain topic to be curated. 

Looking forward to explore more in Musing, trying to answer as many questions as possible that we able to. And if we stuck in any matter, we will sure ask it here.  


I think you should do whatever you want to do.  Don't let your "newness" to the platform keep you from engaging as much as possible.  Worst case you ask a question and no one answers it.  Answering a question will never get you in trouble as long as you don't plagiarize someone else's answers.  Make sure what you write is your own thoughts.  You can reference other users answers or say that you agree with them without copying what they post.  

Musing has been a great platform for me.  They have had their ups and downs and things haven't quite gone the way they had anticipated.  There is a large community of active people here and developers that have indicated an interest to keep Musing viable.  At this point in the cryptosphere I think that is the best you can do.  I think eventually Musing has the potential to be back where it once was on the hierarchy.