What are your five favorite TV series and books of all time?

I don't really read books all that much.

Unless you count comic books as literature.

But not because I dislike good book.

It's just very painful to read a fat bible,

I go to sleep very fast.

And I don't watch TV either.

It's a waste of time in my opinion.

However, in an act of heroism, I will list some books and shows I'm familiar with and liked.


- Clockwork Orange

- Brave New World

- Lord of the Rings Series (including Silmarilion)

- Toradora (because there's no shame in reading good novel)

- Manitou (just pick anything from Graham Masterton, basically just listed a classic from him)

TV Series:

- Friends

- That 70's Show

- Married with Children

- Frasier

- Scrubs


Really cool question;

TV Shows:

  • Breaking bad
  • The housemaid's tales
  • Tyrant
  • The Sopranos
  • GOT


  • Troy Horse, series by J.J Benitez
  • The Green Mile, by Stephen King
  • The alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
  • A Song of Ice and Fire, series by George RR Martin
  • The Strange Case of Thomas Quick, by Dan Josefsson 

Favorite TV of all time has to be the X-files. Mulder and Scully investigating all those paranormal activities. 

I should probably go try find if they are view-able anywhere or if I can find an old box set of the series to watch again. 

From aliens to paranormal activities everything gets investigated and looked at on a deeper level with a logical view and a conspiracy view at the same time. a cover up of aliens being here on earth with us,

Behind everything is a character called deep throat. Who seems to be involved in almost everything that goes on, He hides the truth or gives glimpses of what might be there, and Mulder and Scully investigate, 

The series let you decide for yourself, Are things natural paranormal or a cover up.


I am not really a fan of movies generally but I fell in love with the big bang theory series. The character of Sidney Sheldon and the likes cracked me up and I sincerely hard challenges leaving the screen to ease myself whenever I am watching it. The series is filled with sarcasm and other intelligent stuff. I can say that my ability to detect sarcasm or sarcastically pass a message across increased significantly after watching the series. It has been a while I watch it though, not even sure if there are new episodes.

On books, I am not really sure I have a favourite. I read a lot of Mills and Boons during my teenage years, a lot of John Grisham in my early twenties while the works of Dan Brown piqued my interest in my late 20s. Now in my 30s and I think the only thing I'm interested in is creating and consuming contents on the blockchain, steem especially.


FIVE FAVORITE TV SERIES (in no particular order):

1. Nowhere Man (1995-96)

A photojournalist is in a restaurant with his wife, goes to the bathroom, and when he comes back out, no one recognizes him, including his wife. Later, he finds out his entire identity has been erased and people are after him. It may have something to do with photographs he took. In order to get his life back, he needs to find out why someone would want him to disappear.

2. Quantum Leap

A scientist is able to go back in time, but only within his own lifetime, and ends up in the bodies of others. In each episode, something has happened to change time, and so he must try to change things back after discovering what went wrong. The show often takes on controversial topics, like racial discrimination.

3. Stargate Universe

The third in the Stargate series. A crew boards a vessel built to make jumps through stargates in space. Plenty of weird things happen along the way. As much a psychological thriller as sci-fi, often you're left to wonder about the motivations and actions of the main characters.

4. Marvel's Agents Of Shield

Agent Coulson heads up Shield after being brought back to life, thanks to alien technology. The agents battle all kinds of bad guys, who are either Inhumans, aliens, or who use alien tech.

5. Star Trek: The Next Generation

This series was so good, it eventually spawned two others and led to a third. This is not the original Star Trek, though for the first few seasons, it looked like it. Then things got better. Way better. That led to some movies, too, before the whole Star Trek Universe got a reboot.

FIVE FAVORITE BOOKS (again, random order):

1. The Thomas Covenant trilogies (both)

A guy with leprosy gets knocked out and wakes up in an epic fantasy land, where he is believed to be the one prophesied to stop the darkness from taking over. His white gold ring contains great and powerful magic. He is joined by different characters who aid him at various times to try and defeat the coming darkness, a being known as Lord Foul.

2. The Da Vinci Code

I pretty much like anything by Dan Brown, but his Professor Langdon series of books are the best, and The Da Vinci Code is still the cream of the crop.

3. Harry Potter series

While most would say the Harry Potter books transformed the supernatural genre and made it new, I consider them to be a continuance of the primordial struggle between good and evil, where seemingly unexceptional or often underestimated people find the courage to become heroes.

4. The Wayward Pines Trilogy

People disappear and wake up in a town in Idaho after suffering car accidents. But something's wrong, as jumbled memories keep messing with the narrative provided by the townspeople. There's a dark secret being kept, of course, but if you can figure it out, hats off to you! Book one has one heck of a twist ending. The next two are just as thrilling and captivating.

5. The Harbinger

A mysterious man tells a media executive about Old Testament prophecies that are being fulfilled by the United States, and how they spell doom for the nation if the people don't repent. An amazing melding of Jewish law and tradition with American history. While told in novel form, it is meant to be a real commentary on the prophecies and happenings.