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How do you think Steem and Steem apps should be marketed to people who are new to crypto? What arguments do you think would work best to bring in people who'd want to stay on Steem for the long haul?

Great question. If I only knew about Steem when I was new to crypto, what a difference would have made to my learning and earning cryptos and how would have affected my entire life if I knew about it right before the bull run of December. Now I am close to one year of Steem and I am happy to have found this great platform so I am going to point out some marketing tips that I would use to convince people new to crypto to invest in Steem, Steemit and other DApps.

It has a use case. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Steem and how it stands against other cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Many others might have more millions or even billions pumped into their cryptos and total market cap but some have really no use case. They have a blockchain and that's it. Their blockchain is not as active and used as Steem is or what they actually do is less significant than what Steem does and how it has been proving "to be" a working blockchain and a good one also. In my opinion, nowadays, after the last bull run when speculation drove the prices up like nobody would have imagined the use case of blockchains will make a big difference in how their cryptos prices will evolve over time and if such cryptos will survive or not. Speculation will loose ground against use case in the years to come.

A tokenized blogging platform. That is what attracted me the most about Steem and Steemit. The idea of earning cryptocurrencies by blogging. Although I didn't had any clue about blogging when I joined the platform I learned that and I discovered a great way of earning Steem by sharing ideas and blogging everyday. What else can you want more as a newbie to crypto especially if you have "a thing" for writing and you speak English pretty good? With a bit of effort in a few months almost anyone can earn at least 100 Steem and although the price is very low right now it has the potential to go to over $10 sooner than we might think. Thus in my opinion earning $1000 in a couple of months by blogging a few hours a day is great. I would definitely underline this when presenting Steem to people that are new to crypto. 

Steem is accepted on many major crypto exchanges. As important as a use case for a blockchain is also the ability to be able to trade its cryptocurrency on the most important exchanges. From what I know Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance and others are supporting Steem for trading mostly against BTC and some against USDT also and that is a big plus that a crypto has. You can see on coinmarketcap very often certain cryptos popping by double digits in growth but their support on major exchanges is non existent while Steem has this plus and also a decent volume I would say. Thus not only that it has a proven use case for over two years but multiple ways of trading it for other cryptos also. There's also @blocktrades at hand that can convert both Steem and SBD to quite a few well known cryptos and it does that flawlessly and very fast.

Steem is the blockchain of DApps and opportunities. When I joined the platform all I knew was just Steemit and that was my "refugee" for hours on the world of cryptos but in time I found many other DApps that are working good on Steem and that are a great way to spend your time with them while some of them can even replace successfully some of the big social media platforms. There is Steepshot for uploading pics which is a way of staying out of the spammers area because uploading just a pic with a bit of text added to it is very often considered spam on Steemit and in my case Steepshot replaced successfully Instagram while earning cryptos with my pics. There is DTube where one can upload his videos and also share some recorded messages with the community and there are also some good upvotes coming from DTube for the dedicated ones. There is musing which is a great Q&A platform that not only connects Steemians but also gives generous upvotes for the dedicated ones so you can't say there are no options and opportunities on Steem.

It's volatile but so are all of them. Now looking at the price of Steem one can see that it is way lower from what it was in January but also pretty high from what it was in 2016. For the ones who joined Steemit and started investing in Steem at the beginning of the year the current price might be a disappointment while for the ones who invested a year ago or more and sold at ATH or close Steem was a blessing and it still can be. For a new crypto enthusiast buying Steem at less than 30 cents it is a bargain in my opinion. Even if it will go up in price to only $8 as it was less than a year ago it is definitely a great investment but if SMTs will be launched in a couple of months from now my opinion is that the price will really go through the roof so I would definitely call Steem a great investment and a blockchain worth using everyday. 

I don't want to make the comment any longer because I know people get bored of reading too much so I will say that these are my top 5 reasons for why a new crypto enthusiast should invest in Steem, blog and be active on Steem and hold Steem for the long run. That's how I see it. Hope you will find my answer interesting and wish you a great day!

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First of all social media is a broad concept as of now and in the social media domain there are various sub-domains and each sub-domain has also great significant and those sub-domains are key to address its audience and/or users.

For examples there are people who on daily basis write articles and for them  steemit main blog page there, similarly there are people who love photography and they wish to share their beautiful professional photography and to address these type of bloggers also, steemit has a place to accommodate them. There are kind of people who love participating in polls and for them dpoll is there. There are people who love engaging in Q&A based platform and for them musing is there. There are people who love hunting new and innovative product and to attract such people to steem blockchain, steemhunt is there. There are people who love video blogging and they can join steem blockchain and engage in dtube. There are many other things and application on steem blockchain as on date. So we can summarize steem blockchain as a robust and versatile blockchain which tries to accommodate every sub-domain of the social media domain. Therefore for all types of people who engage in social media, steem blockchain is an answer to them.

But wait...it does not stop here.

Steem blockchain value your effort, time and energy and as long as you have an intention to engage qualitatively and produce rich content, you will be rewarded in the form of steem token which has a value in the market. There are thousands people who are getting paid on daily basis from the reward pool of steem and that sets the platform where people will be attracted to contribute to this community get benefited equally. Although it is not a get rich quick kind of platform and neither from the day one you will start earning huge money, but with the passage of time one can easily understand how to make a descent money for their effort, if the user is good in content creation. But at the same time content creation will always remain primary.

Further its a blockchain based and decentralized platform and I am sure we don't have a market place where you can find many decentralized social media platform backed with a cryptocurrency and in that sense it is absolutely unique and that should be a key thing for people to engage in steem blockchain.

People are spending hours of time in traditional centralized social media sites like facebook, twitter, quora etc and at the end of the day getting nothing and that is why steem blockchain has an answer to those people who value their time and effort in the field of social media.

The above reasons are enough to convince a new user that how valuable steem blockchain is and how best they can join this community and add value to their life as well as earn reward in the form steem coin.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I think the biggest hurdle right now to the mass adoption of crypto currencies is the difficulty of creating an account and signing in.  

People just need an easier way to login and use the apps that are being developed without having to remember a long posting or active key.  

I understand why the keys exist and I personally don't have a problem with them, but I think there needs to be some form of single sign on before people will really start using the apps.

Think about it for a second.  Most of the mass public is dumb.  They have a smart phone, but they are pretty dumb about how it works.  They just want to know that it works when they need to use it. 

They see an app they want to install and they use their Apple ID or Google Play ID to install it.  If the app requires a login they can choose to do single sign on using their Apple ID, Facebook account, or Google Play Account.  it is a simple tap of a button for them.  They don't have to cut and paste public keys or active keys. 

People are looking for apps that they can just download and use without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.  I am the same way.  If I download a game on my phone and it requires me to create a separate login on their servers I usually uninstall it and never look back.  

It is a convenience thing that many of us including app developers take for granted.  

These dapps need to be accessible outside of a web browser as well.  There are a lot of dapps out there that are native to smartphones, but there are a lot of them that aren't as well.

Here is another great example.  As part of the kickstarter campaign for Steem Monsters, I donated some money and I got a free account.  My brother in law and I used to play World of Warcraft together and I know that he plays or played at one time Hearthstone.  

I offered the account to him so he could start getting involved in Steem and Steem Monsters and see what all of it was about.  He asked if he could easily play the game on his phone and I had to say there is no app but you can play it in a browser.  He wasn't interested.  

I ended up setting the account up for my wife, but I was really sad because this thing that seems like such a small barrier had kept him from joining a really great community and a really awesome project. 

I understand there are security concerns because there is money tied to each of our accounts.  Things need to be encrypted and secure and that is the reason that there are all of these long impossible to remember keys that are required for different sites. 

Until they find a way around that though, it is going to be really hard for people to adopt these cool things that are going on at a mass level.  Things like steem connect and Scatter on EOS are helping with this problem but it is still just a big barrier for a lot of common people.


If we can have our own version of ebay,amazon or alibaba that sells goods and service in exchange for steem as well as having affiliate programs.It would make steem stand out as a cryptocurrency.

Making the transition from the traditional social media platform to the decentralized social media platform like steem dapps as effortless as possible by directing new users to more friendly steem dapps interfaces like @busy @steemspeak

Making transactions from fiat to crypto and from crypto to fiat a simple process that does not inconvenience those new to the world of cryptos.

Creating more dapps like @steemhunt, @musing @actifit that rewards their users for contributing to the platform will improve steem user experience and by extention-steem user retention.It also puts more steem in circulation increasing their value and its credibility.