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Is the blockchain movement like a religion in some ways? If yes, which ways? If it is like a religion, could it be useful to take a page from the playbook of religious movements to spread it faster?

I don't think it is like a religion.

There's no dogma to it.

Sure, you could maybe say some people promote Blockchain Technology or pay it lipservice religiously.

But that is only a figure of speech.

Perhaps, religions indirectly invented direct marketing, but they don't own it just the same they don't own the concept of Love or Happiness.

Now, do soms People take the value of Blockchain Technology way too f'ing serious?

For sure.

But being enthusiastic about a thing is not enough to call it a religion.

Football fans are not a religion.

Now, does a movement of any sort have a possibility of devolving into a religion?

Certainly, but the time is not such for the Blockchain Technology.


It would be a religion if there were no other components than unmixed trust. Anyway, the historical background of the financial aspects, the direction of the Web, the broken idea of ​​our current budget frameworks are only the sign of a world powered by the blockchain. This is only a need. The market has not yet announced the fate of BTC or ETH in the long term. In any case, there is little uncertainty as to the direction to take. Regarding the "bet" on current conventions, that's what we have and as Pascal once said about God and religion, you must bet on it in such a case that you ( by agreeing not to understand the unique circumstance), you will go crazy (well, he did not say it like that, that's the idea). To summarize: The blockchain is to a lesser extent a religion and, to a greater extent, an arrangement of learning, belief and reality combined.


Look at me!

You tell me if this is religion or not. Be ye washed clean by the power of STEEM!

We know if you've been naughty and we know if you've been nice. The blockchain remembers all who etches their marks.

We must not make war, but love, with the nonbelievers for they know not what they are missing.

In your daily prayers, remember to humble yourself before the mighty chain. "Forgive me blockchain for I have sinned." It's a pattern to receive mercy from the deep.

Look out for the Indulgence SMT some time in 2019. It shall take care of all your crypto-religion needs from repentance to offerings.