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Does Musing curate new answers to old questions?
Is the @musing account just as likely to find and upvote news answers to old questions (weeks, months) as new answers to new questions? It would make sense to me but I don't know busy the curation team is and what their preferences are which is why I'm asking.

Yes, I believe Musing.io curators are just as likely to upvote new answers to old questions. Based on what I've observed in past, Musing.io curators do their curation based on the time that a answer was posted, regardless if the question is new or old. So, as long as the answer is new and it is a quality one, there is a chance that it could get an upvote. 

However, it's important to point out that when it comes to older questions, it's better to focus on the unanswered ones. Of course, there's nothing wrong with replying to old questions that have already received responses but, in this case, you have to make sure you're really adding something to new to conversation and not just parroting what has already been said. 

For example, if the all the responses to an old question have been a yes, you might add something if your answer is a no. Or maybe you have a completely different point of view from all the answers so far, or something to that effect. Otherwise, you'd be better off moving on, if your goal is to get an upvote.

Of course, sometimes it's just fun to answer a question, even if it has been answered to death. 


I answered old questions before. And I got upvote from Musing. 

Yes, Musing curates new answers to old questions. As long as you provide value to your answer, there is a high chance your answer will be curated. When people answer any question, they give answer based on their experience and expertise.

The question is the same, sometimes answer can be different. Different people explain it from different angles unless that's a yes no question or mathematics question. 

When curators team submits any answer for upvote, they see the quality of the answer. If your question satisfies the person who asked the question, that's all that matters. 

So old questions or new questions do not matter. When I find a question that I know very well, I answer that. 

Hope this answers your question. Thank you.


To put it simply: When curating answers, Musing does not look at when the question was posted. 

Answering a question from an hour ago or answering a question from 3 months ago both have a  equal chance of being curated by @musing. 

As long as what you wrote is original, is addressing the question being asked or basically of-quality, then everything is irrelevant including the time when the question was asked. :)


Yes. I have answered old questions when i am struggling to find a question to answer.

All questions are live as such and one can go back to the beginning and try the old questions. Look at the recommended as they are normally the better questions to look at. I think the curation team would welcome some different answers from the hundreds they are curating everyday. 


I think they do. In the past I've provided answers to old questions when it felt like I couldn't provide answers to the questions that were available for answering. There's a particular niche I like answering questions from and when I find out that there aren't enough questions on that subject, I look for old questions where I think that I could answer the questions better than the answers that people have given already.

Musing will reward you on that if they are find your answer provides extra value from the ones that have been provided already. So, yes musing definitely rewards new answers to old questions.


Well this is not always true, the chances of answering old question and getting rewarded is at a 50/50% chances the reason is because the question in particular must've not attracted enough answers and the questions must've been very quality one as well for curators to go back to a question and definitely curate the answers to the question

Don't get your hopes high, musing.io is a dapp they may or may not curate your answers don't expect them to always curate your question & answer 100% if not you may be disappointed focus on providing quality content because you love the dapp.

Old questions with new answers may be curated based on the fact that the question doesn't have answers and secondly the question must be quality and a new answer which is also quality has a chance to be curated.


That's a very good question and I was wondering the same thing. I'm glad you got a few answers. :)

I see some questions from way back that I really wanted to answer but I didn't since I wasn't sure if it was worth my time. 

Now you've given me reason to go back and find those questions again. Nice work. :D