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So I've heard some people talk to their plants and others play classical music to help their plants grow, Any other ways of gardening that has helped you?
Indoor plants mostly.

I've read a book once in which an old man was teaching a young boy how to grow tomatoes. He was listening to radio music and told the boy that music is needed for the tomatoes to grow healthy. It was funny, as a story it was fine. 

However, i don't think how music or talking to plants can help growth. I have a lot of flowers in my apartment and I'm checking them every day, sometimes I say something to them, just for fun but I don't think it has an effect on them. 

Caring on the other hand, has effect on flowers or plants. To get results you need to learn as much as possible and give your plants and flowers the best care you can. Outside gardening unfortunately is not what it was once, climate change is affecting us all, especially the plants. 

We used to have four seasons and that was normal. Now we have three. Sometimes there is no Spring, other times there is no Autumn. We have snow in April and there's beach weather in November. This can confuse your plants an cause damages. Lack of rain require watering, 

Watering now is a priority, you can't do without that. Using natural and organic fertilizer can help you get a better result. using plant rotation is a must, change the place where you plant your plants every year, never use the same place for the same plant twice in a row. This way the soil can rest and you can avoid infection spreading. 

And if you think you can help growth with music, you can do it, it won't harm the plants :)

My Grandad used to play classical music to his tomato plants and swore it helped them grow and produce more and juicier fruit. Thanks for just bringing back a beautiful childhood memory.

So my gardening tip to improve your own yields and quality are to make your own fertiliser by digging in rotting leaves in the autumn, and then in march hoe in chicken poo! I swear this routine improves my garden no end.

Always make your own compost from almost any garden waste (except weeds because they might seed in your beds!), Try not to use chemical fertilisers and enhancers and let nature just do its thing, and to this end, always rotate your main crops each year and if you can, let a patch of land 'rest' by not growing anything on it for 12 months. Nutrients get used up and all land needs a little replenishment time.

Other than that, just enjoy your garden and the great outdoors. It is possibly the healthiest most satisfying hobby there is.

Good luck with the plants and I hope you can post some of the stuff you grow on your blog :-)
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