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Are people born evil?
This is the first part of my 3 part question.
everyone is born with hearts and instincts that encourage them to do good, instincts that have been born from humans have actually guided someone to continue to do good. So when someone turns out to do bad things that means he is fighting his own instincts.
The instinct for doing good and working with other humans arises because of limited conditions so that humans are forced to work together with one another to survive. first instinct, tends to lead to cooperation rather than selfishness

Now, don't think too much about others because everyone has the instinct to do good. so basically all humans are born well, so it will be good for us not to stop doing good
reasons why humans can be said to be born with evil nature.

Internet Troll and Flaming
It doesn't take more effort to find that people on the Internet are evil. From the comments of well-known websites, you can easily find lots of rude dialogues that vilify others. Even in well-known sites with active communities, you might not be able to upload a picture of a cute puppy without even one person vilifying it.

On the other hand, if you are active in an online community such as forums then you will often be able to see the existence of Internet Trolls and Flamers. Internet Trolls themselves are those that often make topics that will clearly cause a lot of controversy regarding the topic, and most of the topics are not related to the main topic. While Flamers are those who always act negatively in their interactions.

Then what is the reason behind this action? Many people think the reason is anonymity that allows anyone to say anything freely without knowing who he is. Others argue that the Internet is a "safe" place to pour out anger. Whatever the reason, the anonymity has led to the emergence of human nature that is indeed evil.

Constant War
Human history has always been described as full of bloodshed, aka war. Since 1900, the number of wars that have occurred in the world there have been around 249 wars and have claimed more than 100 million human lives. Indeed, the present world situation is far better than the world of previous wars, but although it is not clear, the threat of war is always present in this world, especially in relation to nuclear war.

In addition, when we look back at the documentation of warfare, we will be able to see that some people were born to fight and they lived very close to their weapons. Is ancient war not resolved by politics? So the most important question is whether we struggle because of needs or desires?

Smart People in History Believe That Humans Are Born Evil
Sigmund Freud as the father of psychoanalysis believes that humans are the most violent type of animal in the world. Maybe it was because he lived in the era of war, namely World War 1 and died when World War 2 would begin.

But besides Freud, an English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes also had a similar view. He described humans as people whose lives like "being alone, sorry, horrible, rude and short-lived." He believes that all humans can kill each other, and if there are 2 people who want the same thing, war will occur. A Chinese philosopher, Xunzi, also agreed to this by saying that: "The nature of human beings is evil, and goodness only occurs because of hidden desires."

Contrary to the views of Hobbes, the English philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that basically human beings are good but civilization is what makes humans evil. Even if we look at the other side, civilization is a consequence of human actions and in other words, it can be said that humans themselves create evil.

Born With Natural Sin

In Christian belief, every human being born in this world is always born with natural sin. All of this was due to the fall of man in sin when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit due to the temptation of the Devil. There are even various chapters and books in the Bible that emphasize this, such as Romans 3: 10-12, Genesis 3, Romans 5:12, and so on.

As is generally known, as a consequence of evil deeds, sin is created. This means indirectly emphasizing that all humans are indeed born evil.
Many people think that in this world there are two types of people, namely good and evil. Good people will always do extraordinary actions for the sake of humanity and others while bad people will do the opposite. But recent research shows that everyone is born with a heart and an instinct that encourages them to do good. everyone really has a heart and a good one. In the study also stated that the instincts that have been born from human beings have actually led someone to continue to do good. So when someone makes a mistake it is not intentional and there is no human being perfect.