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Should we resist anger when hurt by others?

I guess I am one of those people who seldom get angry no matter who I meet. I usually just think of it as a waste of time to get angry at someone. Anger is like this poison that grows into the body and can keep growing. The person who has made us angry maybe doesn't even care about what we feel and there we are feeling really angry at a person who doesn't even feel it. 

I have trained myself to not be angry. I used to be an angry person who used to get angry at most of the things that I feel frustrated about then I felt that, why do we even need to be angry at any of those things that people don't even care about. 

When we are angry, I feel that negativity follows us all around and others around us will usually feel it and in turn treat us in a very negative way. I don't think that is what we want to feel . Anger is just an illusion, a feeling that is inside but once we can control it and channel it into some other things in life, we won't feel angry. Definitely we have to look at the different angles of a situation before getting angry and throwing our tantrum at anything that's there or hurt ourselves. Imagine if someone said some thing that makes you angry. Just think of it like this, probably that person hasn't got any friends as he/she treats his/her friend in such a way. I guess these are probably more pitiful souls than us. If we're happy going all the time, everyone around us would love to be our friends and would feel that we are friendly to talk to all the time . 

Write those situations in a diary and also get a view from another person to find out if they have more comfortable words to counter those negative feeling. Do some thing you like and enjoy your life. Think of anger as a feeling that would reduce your total time account in your life total time bank. Imagine if you knew your own life time bank in time, let's say if we have a 60 more years to live. Then we would have approximately 3120 weeks in our life left. If you cut away your work hours, your chore hours, your leisure hours and if you have angry hours. What valuable time we've wasted. It's scary to know that time is ticking away as even we're angry. So the best thing to do is just to be as happy as we can. Think of ways that things could be better. 


Every human being is the same, and when his pride is trampled or hurt, then anyone will be angry. But as a wise and ethical person, if you have to be patient, one or two times hurt, we are patient. Now, if we have been patient twice, and are still hurt, then we should not just stay quiet. We must also be angry, to prove that we are not weak humans. We must be angry, if not, then our self-esteem will continue to be trodden.

Being patient with insults and being hurt is good, but there are limits. When our patience is exhausted, we also need to be angry and defend our pride. Being a good human being is not stiff and silent when hurt or our pride is trampled upon.

Defending honor is important, so that we are not considered stupid and weak humans.

I think that's the way to deal with people who hurt us.


In my honest opinion, we have no reason she people attempt to get us mad. It isn't because the society frown at being mad, it is because the annoying people are annoyed not because of us, but because they are yet to find peace within themselves.

I will leave you with these Four Agreements that will ensure that you live happily afterwards even when the worst people attempt to make you run mad;

👉 Be Impeccable with your words

👉 Don't take things personal

👉Don't make assumption

👉 Do your best

As long as you remember these agreements and you work towards keeping them, trust me, you'd be able to resist anger always.



In my opinion, human nature should be worthy of anger, because it touches emotions.

But the best thing to do is to keep the fan smiling because it reflects an intelligent and emotionally strong human character.