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What other things do you think could be more terrible than death itself?

Its hard at first to think of something worse than death because obviously as human beings we love to believe that death is the absolutely worst thing that can happen to a person. And there's actually a very strong rational and even utilitarian purpose to this thought, apart from the fact that it is motivated by our inclination towards self preservation, it is also spurned by the fact that not only should we believe that life is beautiful and being alive is the most important thing but also that we should believe that death is terrible. This is what keeps us.

But if we choose to disregard this illusion, necessary though it is, we'll find that there are a lot of things actually worse than death. And one of them is the fear and suffering that comes with certain illnesses. I've known a lot of people, close friends of mine sometimes even family, who get hospitalized for a disease or another and they're in so much pain they end up wishing for death.

And not only just the pain from the illness but the pain and suffering that the people around them go through also, and you see it in their eyes the amount of agony they're in just from seeing their family suffer, and then the pain they feel themselves from the sickness, and then add that together with the fact that there is no money to take care of them and their family is in debt already, running around just to make sure that they find the money needed for the next operation. It is no wonder, really, that people like that hopes for death.

There are really pain and sufferings in this world way worse than what death is. And who even knows whether death itself is not a beautiful thing after all. Whether we're all just locked here on earth due to our fears of death and the people on the other side with the knowledge are just there laughing at us, you know, saying if only they knew of the beauty on this side they wouldn't cling so much to life with their selfishness.

I think I read it somewhere once about an experience, of a person who regarded death as a sort of fractal existence, saying that the beauty of death can only be related to that of fractals: the lights, the dispersion, the variation of it. Of course this might not be true and death may be only oblivion but it's not even death that scares us most of the time, but the mystery behind it and our love of life and the mortification that we get from thinking that the next day we won't be able to enjoy the things we enjoy and our families being without us and everything.

At any rate the fear of death is worst than death most times. And something definitely way worse than anything is clinging and living a life of meaningless existence.

Waking up every morning like a zombie, doing the same routine, living your life as though you were a mere passer by, in a shell, without purpose. Doing things just because others are doing them. Not being able to enjoy the finer little things of life, this is worst than death. Way worse than death

At least a dead person is free from the sufferings and turbulence of this life. And like I said they may be in a better place. But a person without purpose, who is merely an object for events and people to blow about as they please, is a more despicable thing than death!


My answer is life. 

I don't think death is horrible. Most of us fear it. The idea of leaving this world to a place which is just unknown is frightening. We don't know what will happen, and that uncertainty is what makes most of us think it is horrible; however, that doesn't mean it is horrible. If you are a believer, you would think that you would go to heaven. Is that horrible? And if you are a nonbeliever, then there is nothing to worry. Everything in you will join their cycle in the nature, and other living organisms will use what was once in your body. But you wouldn't live, so you wouldn't realise.

The same cannot be said about life, though. Think of anyone who committed suicide. People who commit suicide leave this world because what some of us regard terrible is actually their way out from their sufferings. 

I am not saying life is terrible, don't get me wrong. I only feel that it has the potential to be so. 


Pain is more terrible than death itself.

You know it on the double. It might be the searing vibe of a consume minutes after your finger contacts the stove. Or on the other hand it's a dull hurt over your temples following multi day of stress and pressure. Or then again you may remember it as a sharp puncture in your back after you lift something overwhelming. In its most favorable frame, pain cautions us that something isn't exactly right, that we should take pharmaceutical, or see a specialist. Best case scenario, be that as it may, pain denies us of our efficiency, our prosperity, and, eventually, our extremely lives.

In 1931, the French medicinal preacher Dr. Albert Schweitzer stated, "Pain is a more terrible master of humanity than even death itself." Today, pain has turned into the widespread issue, a genuine and exorbitant general medical problem, and a test for family, companions, and social insurance suppliers who must offer help to the individual experiencing the physical and in addition the enthusiastic outcomes of pain.

Pain is an inclination activated in the sensory system. Pain might be sharp or dull. It might go back and forth, or it might be steady. You may feel pain in one territory of your body, for example, your back, stomach area, or chest, or you may feel pain all finished, for example, when your muscles throb from this season's flu virus.

Pain can be useful. Without pain, you may genuinely hurt yourself without knowing it, or you probably won't understand you have a therapeutic issue that necessities treatment. When you deal with the issue, pain more often than not leaves. In any case, now and then pain continues for quite a long time, months, or even years. Luckily, there are numerous approaches to treat pain. Treatment changes relying upon the reason for pain.

It is helpful to recognize two essential kinds of pain, intense and interminable, and they contrast significantly.

Intense pain, generally, results from infection, irritation, or damage to tissues. This sort of pain by and large goes ahead all of a sudden. For instance, pain may happen after injury or medical procedure, and might be joined by uneasiness or passionate misery. The reason for intense pain can as a rule be analyzed and treated, and the pain is restricted to a given timeframe and seriousness. In some uncommon occurrences, it can end up constant.

Perpetual pain is broadly accepted to speak to illness itself. It very well may be aggravated much by ecological and mental variables. Ceaseless pain perseveres over a more drawn out timeframe than intense pain and is impervious to most restorative medications. It can—and regularly does—cause extreme issues for patients.


I think being reliant on other people to do everything for you. Not having the ability to lead a normal life and having others look after you. Being bed ridden and not having the use of your body.

This to me would be  like a prison sentence not only to you but your family as well. In order to keep you alive it would be constant help and assistance with every menial task. I would much rather be dead than see this happen.


I think losing eternity will be more terrible than death. Most people thought that life ends at death, but it doesn't. Death is the beginning of a person's eternal journey. You prepare yourself for your eternal destination by how you live your life on earth.

A man can spend his/her eternity either with God in heaven or with the devil in he'll. Who you live your life to please while on earth will determine who you'll be spending eternity with. Life doesn't end at death. The real life, that is the eternal life of a man begins after death. Thus, the most terrible thing that could happen to any man other than death is missing the opportunity to spend eternity with God in heaven.

Most people are saying that heaven, he'll, God or devil are not real. That they are just people's ideologies to keep us in bondage,. My question to such people is "what if heaven, he'll, God and devil are truly real? " what would you do should you live recklessly, die and discover that these are truly real? It would be too late then!


Torture is for sure worse than death. Also it seems deep depression is worse than death also. It has to be miserable to go through life each day just wishing you were dead. Just sad.