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Could the price of STEEM increase?
Netcoins make a contest. we have to choose one coin. a few days ago steemit was very excited about the voting problem. if the value of steem vote is higher. Will it increase steem prices?

I doubt if the Netcoins contest win can alone power the price rise of Steem. Although it is definitely a contributing factor towards the increase of price and if coupled with other factors, it will produce the desired effect.

Any cryptocurrency token needs a real world use case if it is to succeed in future. This means that the people investing in it are  doing so for more than just speculative profit. Steem blockchain defines  the very meaning of real world use by bringing platforms like musing,io  and steemit.com to our fingertips. 

Getting paid for content  creation is not ground breaking but what is ground breaking is the fact  that the Steem ecosystem is incentivized in manner that a user has  a stake in the  system (Vested SP).  Therefore most of the users are  financially invested in the platform. This increases user retention and  loyalty to the Steem blockchain, since users are invested to see the  platform succeed. 

Here are the reasons why I think that the Steem prices will rise again:

1.    The HF20 was geared towards making dapps the kings on the Steem blockchain. It has effectively made sure that you can make Steem accounts on the dapp itself. Dapps will soon become free from having to go to steemit.com to register your account. 

2.  Platforms like musing.io will grow, gathering and collecting the SP for their needs  and  this will  create a shortage of Steem in the market and thus raise the prices.

3.  SMT's will soon follow in January and will allow dapps to issue their  own tokens based on the native token Steem.  To issue  tokens they will need to collect  more Steem to back  their  tokens and  thus create further shortage of Steem tokens in the  market. This in turn will further raise the price of Steem.

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I don't think Netcoins will do it. There will be a good positive vibe with Steem for sure and some free publicity.

What Steem needs to climb in price is more mass adoption for crypto in general. The develpment of the Dapps coming from March next year will increase the volume of users on the platform. it should become a household name and start to increase in value.

All the Dapp tokens will hold value against Steem and the more tokens required will make Steem a little scarcer. This should help drive the price up.

Bitcoin needs to surge upwards and we will have a perfect storm in March. Next year si looking exciting for Steem investors and users on the platform.

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yes the price should increase but it could take from a few months to upto a year depending on how the rest of the crytpo market move.  Steem has a few things going for it but it is still linked with the remaining crypto currencies. once we are out of the negative sentiments for good the whole crypto will rally and working platforms like steem will rise for sure. my personal analysis is that we should see a couple of spikes even if the market continues to stay down.  we should touch $5 price atleast once in next 12 months.