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How does music affect plant growth?

Well some people believe that music doesn't really affect plant growth while others believe that different genres of music enlists different reactions in different types of plants.

Different studies have been done to determine the effects of music on plants and none have truly been conclusive. As of now, some researchers believe that it's not really about the sound of the music, but it's more about the vibrations that ensue from the music. They believe that the vibrations cause movement which in turn causes the plant to produce more nutrients. They also believe that the type of music used is key to maximizing plant growth, favouring softer music like classical music and pushing against rock music which causes extreme vibrations in the plants which isn't conducive for any type of life form.

Other researchers believe that more study has to be done with even more controlled environments to truly determine if music has any effect on plant growth, but as of now, the theory of music causing favourable vibrations in plant cells is your best bet as to how music affects plant growth.


Yes. There have been studies that hardcoremetal music stunts plant growth where as loving music makes them grow better. The same is with how you talk to plants. If you yell at them they will be more likely to die. 


While this has been an argument over the years, it has been agreed upon that music does have an effect on plant growth. In 1962, an Indian botanist named................ conducted an experiment by exposing plants to music. His tests showed that the plant's height was 20 percent higher than normal. It also increased in biomass.

Also in America, a woman who owned a green house exposed her plants to different types of music and saw that the plant's did respond to it, albeit not always positively. Another man, elsewhere in the USA was skeptical but also tried it. He saw that his crops grew bigger and thicker and had better produce because of it.

Thus it led to the belief that music causes vibrations in the cells of the plant which stimulate production of nutrients within those cells and cause a more rapid growth. But these fell under a certain range as the woman who exposed her plants to different kinds of music noted that the plant's grew well when exposed to classical music but could not handle to vibrations produced by rock music and so died.

While some still dispute these experiments, it is fast getting accepted and may soon be an agricultural law