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What is regtechtimes? Why are they becoming so popular?
Anybody aware why regtechtimes is becoming popular in crypto currency enterprenuers.

Regtechtimes is better known for its steem adoption. They are paying steem currency for author contributions but there is no mechanism to generate steem rewards as of now. I find it particularly interesting as this is a demand side proposition. If big media houses start buying steem from rxchanges and distribute them for contributions, i see no reason why steem will not be on moon. But i feel There are two options why they are distributing steem as author rewards

1. They have excessive steem and instead of selling in market they find a new method to burn those steem

2. Somebody is offering to advertise in steem and they dont want to encash.


Regtechtimes is a new generation media which is focussed on regulatory technologies. They cover success stories of the Regtech entrepreneurs in the interview format. 

Many of the experts that they have covered in last couple of weeks are from the European nations. Since there is a buzz in these countries, Regtechtimes is becoming popular in European countries. I first heard the name of  when i read about another question on musing when i tried searching for them on google. Application of Blockchain in preventing money laundering is seen to be their focus area. 

I particularly like to read the interviews they have published on the blockchain application in KYC. Looking at their website it looks like they are looking for good contributions on the regulatory technologies. 

I particularly felt like writing about it because if the crypto currency adoption has to be increased then there is a need for the regulations which would prescribe certain rules.

These type of media initiatives help in creating the awareness in mainstream about the crypto currencies and encouraging the people behind blockchain ventures is really essential in the world of anonymity. We need faces to lead the cryptocurrency world.

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Regtechtimes seems to be a new media venture which created a hype amongst the steem users as they announced that they would be paying the contributors to their media in Steem tokens. So if any steem author contributes any story about the regulatory technologies they would be paid in the steem currencies. 

This was one of the effective use cases of the steem as currency

There is no upvote system involved as the media venture is not blockchain based but is wordpress based. 

However, those who are in position to write on regulatory technologies and whose content gets accepted by the team of Regtechtimes are rewarded using the steem tokens. This was one of the classic examples of cryptocurrency adoption by mainstream media and hence it was in news sometimes back


Regtechtimes is a good adoption of Steem crypto currency if they are paying their contributors through steem.

Generally, the steem blockchain is considered as a complete solution to offer rewards to contributors. Now, if Regtechtimes is offering steem as remuneration to their authors to contribute on regulatory technologies, i am sure they would also accept the promotional fees or advertising fees in steem. I could not figure out if they have already started accepting steem for advertising or promotional services.


I guess it is the media initiative of Edmund Lowell, who is one of the heros of Crypto currency world and was a co-founder of the "Keycoin". He has created numerous ventures including the kycchain and flagtheory. Regtechtimes is seen to be one of the same group companies though not sure about it.