Private or public school, which one is better for our children?

Private. Well there are similarities and differences between both modes of education, so I will highlight some of the More obvious ones that faciliate my choice of private education over public schools.

Although public institutions have bigger funding than private, I find private institutions to be better equipped than many public universities particularly in the specialised areas they focus on which their institutions are based.

The overall treatment of students in both institutions differs significantly. Private universities are significantly more expensive and therefore seek to give students their moneys worth. I believe the make learning easier and more convenient for their students because they make them a priority.

Public universities are a mirror of the system and the ideology in place. They act as a defacto mouthpiece of the system and seek to continue the status quo in their teachings/environment. We have. Choice on the other hand with Private schools to select or opt out of an ideology in an institution which may not be practiced by the system, that is, it gives us a choice depending on Available options and amount of funds available.

For me,.it will definitely be private institutions


I must say that will depend on the country in which you live. There are countries where public education is very good and others where it doesn't work. The same goes for private education. In my country, before, public education was one of the best. The students were not only prepared in the various scientific and socio-humanistic branches, but also had an awareness of their environment. He was a transforming being of realities. But public education changed, it declined. The government, which controls all high schools and some universities, has other things as its priorities. For the government of my country, education is not important and therefore they don't invest in it. They prefer illiterate citizens and few thinkers. That's why there are companies and private organizations that have made schools, high schools and universities to give people the education they deserve, a quality education. It is a pity that only people who have money can have access to it. 

Public education should be better than private, but that is not the case.  Unfortunately, in some countries there is a lot of inequality when it comes to educating ourselves.      


I studied in both types of school, and I can tell you with certainty that the public school is better than the private school.

Maybe the education in private schools is a little better, but they have a big problem, and that is that most times they don't put into practice what is learned, by not doing this, the students forget everything they learned and that they are not putting it into practice.

 If I had children, I would definitely put them to study in a public school.