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Do you think some women are really attracted to criminals?

Well everybody is attracted to certain kinds of features/traits in whatever sex to which they are attracted. To most people it's probably a nice physical feature that attracts them, to some it's money or height or bravery etc.

In this vein it is definitely very possible for a woman to find the act of rebellion or perceived courage that is mostly present in criminals as attractive. And in this world where we have movies and other medias and books that romanticize this kind of behaviour, it is definitely not far fetched or even astonishing that a person who is a subscriber to this source of entertainment might find that characteristic--that is the criminal characteristic-- highly attractive in another.

Most times it is not even the fact that they're criminals--that is the violence and heartlessness-- that is attractive. I mean sometimes in rare cases it might be; but mostly it's the deviation characteristic that is attractive. The bad boy most wanted air that surrounds them.

So to answer the question, are women really attracted to criminals? The answer is sure.

There are also other really interesting unique cases of people being attracted to criminals. N.B Most of them are neurotic and actually diagnosable:


THIS is a condition where people kidnapped or held hostage fall in love with their captors. Weird, right? Naa not so much. There actually have been a lot of instances of this, and I'm not talking about movies alond.

It is in fact named after a 1972 bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, where bank employees held hostage for six days ultimately bonded with their captors. And by bonded we mean developed really strong affections.

2 Another related to this is the Helsinkisyndrome where the victims dont just develop affections for the abductors, they grow apathetic towardd the authorities and any other entity that wants to rescue them.

Just as an added bonus there us also the Lima syndrome, which is the exact reciprocal: that is the abductors develop affections for the people they captured.

The fact that there are a lot more of these conditions answers the question more than definitely. Yes people- -not just women in fact-- fall in love with criminals, and it is not as rare aa we think.



I think it's very possible. We all know the old saying that women love bad boys. Well that saying has a scientific origin

This is that the men that we would call bad boys are just generally more masculine. They are more dominant, they seem to be stronger and more in control than the average "good guy". It is believed that women follow men with these traits because of something I like to call the cave woman effect. It means that despite how developed we may think we are, deep down we are still governed by the same instincts as the cave men. And one of those instincts is to find a mate that can protect you and your children. So the manlier a male is the more you will want him.

So if women like bad boys, who's worse than a criminal? This may be the reason why some women are attracted to criminals


They are. Not all of them. Many women are attracted to bad boys. 

Here's some food for thought though. 

Going to jail for copious amounts of time to find a mate is not intelligent. Also, consider the type of person a woman must be to prefer fuck ups. Excuse my language. 

Not to say all people who've been to jail are criminals, or bad people. By technical definition, you are a criminal if you've been locked up, but not necessarily a bad person. People do make mistakes in life, and some offenses that are prosecuted are questionable to say the least, so it's not a black and white scenario. 

I've been to jail before, but I don't think I'm a bad person. I've learned lessons for mistakes that society doesn't hold over my head anymore, and my life is better today as a result of what I learned from my mistakes. I ended up with a woman or two that were into "bad boys", and my life was hell after ending up with them. If you are a bad boy, maybe you should consider getting with a "good girl." and changing your ways. 


Of course!  Remember Rule 41: "If it exists, it is someone's fetish.  No exceptions."

Different people are attracted to different things.  That's life.

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