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When was the last time you plucked a fruit and ate?

I had gone to the Rother Valley country park with my kids and my mum and dad, we had gone to look at the prices and to find out if my youngest daughter could ride on a boat. as we walked to the shop to find out we past a few trees behind a fence that had apples on.

I said to the kids "oh look free apples" and they both wanted one, we joked about it and kept walking to sort out a trip on the boat.

On the way back we walked back pasted the fence with the trees behind it, I thought it was funny to try and climb over the fence but instead I fell over it, once I was over I was passing apples to my dad who was looking at them with some concerned faces.

I fell back over the fence and asked what the problem was, he explained to me that they were crab apples and they taste foul, I thought he was joking and bit in to one to find out. he was right, i was nearly sick from the horrible taste of the sour apple that I had just took a bite from.

My oldest however ate one without even blinking an eyelid. it will probably be the first and last time I try and apple from a tree like that unless someone tells me they are nice.

We do however have blackcurrant bushes at the back of our houses and they produce the nicest tasting fruit, they taste so much better than the mass produced ones you get from the supermarket.

we have made puddings from them such as crumbles and we have also had them on our porridge in the morning before taking the kids to school. nothing quite beats the taste of fresh fruit.


Just day before yesterday, I plucked a Guava from the tree which is just behind my home and it gave me immense pleasure, when I plucked it and ate it. 

This world, our life, our society has become so synthetic that we are getting detached from the nature and losing my organic life. We used to buy fruit and vegetables which are already 3/4 days old or even more and that not only reduces the nutritional value but also reduces our immune power.

To sum it up, I will say, go plant a tree, no matter where you are planting, no matter who will eat the fruit in future, but do plant it, because it will open up the possibility for people to pluck a fruit and eat that. This question may look silly to others but for me it has immense significance.

Thank you and Have a great day.



Yes, I suppose it was in the summer...? 

Not many edible fruits in the fall and winter around these parts.

But, I can imagine there are people who have never once in their life picked fruits they eat. 

Some people never seen the animal they then consume the meat of with their own two eyes.

I'm guilty of riding a horse only once in my life.

Never milked a cow.

We're living the world where a good portion of the population don't need to think about the source of their food, 

the food is just there.


We have a few apple  and avocado trees in our garden so apples are available now and we have them regularly.

It is fantastic being able to pick your own fruit knowing no other chemicals have been used on them. They taste different and nicer for some reason. It is the same as when you catch a fish and eat it I suppose because you caught it that fish will taste better.

The Avocado tree I will help harvest but i don't like the taste of them. I have never eaten Avocado's but we pick them and use them for the family and give the rest away. On a good year we will pick around 1000 Avocado's and takes a couple of weeks to slowly pick them.


That was in late September 2018 for me, I picked a bundle of grapes in my garden. It's a grape vine that has been there for around 8 years now and we get around 100kg of grapes every year. 

Usually we eat around a quarter of that and the rest gets turned into jam. I might look into making wine out of them, but that will require some planning ahead for next year. 


There is a blackberry bush out my back garden and every year in August it starts bearing it's fruit. The blackberries are really juicy and the last time I plucked them and ate them was last week when I took my toddler outside. We picked them and ate a couple and then made jam. 


Oh my... I would say 2 decades ago. He he though it was a long time now, I consider it to be a remarkable experience and it's memorable for sure😊