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What is meant by chemotherapy ?

Chemotherapy could be a technique of treating diseases victimization medication. However, the majority outline therapy (often abbreviated as chemo) as a technique of cancer treatment victimization medication developed specifically to kill cancer cells.

At present, most therapy treatments ar dole out in hospitals or in palliative care centers. The patient can get associate degree infusion of therapy medication. However, consultants still still develop therapy medication so there ar therapy medication within the sort of drinking, no have to be compelled to inject them once more.

How will therapy work?

Chemotherapy works by targeting cells that grow and divide at abnormal speeds, as well as cancer cells.

Unlike surgery or actinotherapy, therapy doesn't target a particular space, thus it will have an effect on the full body. that is why the results also will be effective on cancer cells that have unfold (metastasize) in different body components.

Unfortunately, therapy could be a treatment which will conjointly quickly have an effect on healthy body cells like skin cells, hair, intestines, and marrow cells.

Chemotherapy could be a treatment for cancer with completely different goals

The results and goals of therapy can vary betting on the sort of cancer and also the stage. Here ar 3 main goals of cancer treatment with therapy.

1. Cure cancer

In some cases, therapy will really destroy and eliminate cancer cells from the body. the most effective result, cancer cells won't return once more. However, not all cases ar continuously like that. Again, this goes back to however severe the cancer is and wherever it's placed.

2. stop and management the unfold of cancer

If cancer is tough or perhaps incurable, therapy is completed to regulate cancer cells so that they do not develop and unfold to become a lot of violent. this may offer patients a larger lifetime. additionally, there have been many cases wherever indirect therapy was with success dole out in one trial.

3. Relieve the symptoms of cancer

When cancer cells have unfold to different components of the body and accomplish a complicated stage, therapy is done to alleviate cancer symptoms like pain, thus on improve the standard of lifetime of patients. This treatment is named palliative therapy.


Chemotherapy is a kind of treatment that incorporates a pharmaceutical or mix of drugs to treat disease. The objective of chemotherapy is to kill malignancy cells or moderate tumor's development after some time.

The treatment of growth utilizing particular compound specialists or medications that are specifically poisonous to harmful cells and tissues. The objective is to stop or moderate the development of malignancy cells.

Chemo medicines assault quickly developing disease cells yet they can likewise influence sound cells that develop quickly.

Chemo is frequently given a few times over weeks or months in what is known as a course of treatment. A course of treatment is comprised of a progression of treatment periods, called cycles.

Since chemo likewise kills typical cells, these chemo days are trailed by times of rest when you get no treatment. This rest gives your body a chance to recoup and create new solid cells.


Chemotherapy is a form of treatment to treat diseases