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Why do most people want to be famous?

I think of the reasons that people want to be famous is the fame and maybe fortune that follows with it. The feeling of millions of fans out there who would be there waiting for the celebrity.

Maybe being famous is one of the ways to earn money the fastest. Then there is alot of things that come with fame. The Vip treatment, the exposure and it is relatively easy to built trust and brand when celebrities endorse a business or product.

I guess it is also a way to escape doing boring nine to five jobs. Nowadays, during the rise of the internet, it is far more easier to be a celebrity and famous because of social media exposure. There was this guy who is a lawyer who became famous one day when he uploaded a video of him wanting to find a wife. I felt that it is a gimmic for him to get famous.


In this digital era, being famous would mean more opportunities and you are likely to succeed in your goal.

Let's put two artists for example, two singers, one that has a really good singing voice but "unknown" while the singer who has an average singing voice but "famous". Between the two of them, it is likely that the famous one will be the one that can sell record while the other could end up singing in the bathroom alone.

So to reiterate, to be a famous personality would mean more opportunity and will likely to succeed😊


I think most people want to be famous because:

1st: Influence

When you are famous, you mostly have the power to influence other people.  You may influence them with your thoughts and ideas and most probably, they will agree or follow.

2nd: Money

Most famous people are wealthy. People tend to cling to those who are famous. Hence, more opportunities come to the famous people. Some people want to be like them so when they endorse certain products, people will follow which leads to them being wealthy.

3rd: Power

This is connected to the first and second which were influence and money. When a person is famous, he or she have influence over someone which leads to wealth which leads to power.  The three are connected to fame.

Those mentioned above are the factors why I think most people want to be famous.


Individuals want to be adored and acknowledged, they want to be commended for their gifts. Getting to be celebrated is an intensified expansion of that aching in every single one of us.

Being more famous tend to be believed to mean having a large of cash.

The lives of famous individuals are precisely altered, grafted and diced so they show up nearly God like and super human when as a general rule they are not excessively vastly different then non celebrated people.Yes, the media markets popular individuals as being "higher" at that point whatever remains of society and we are continually looking for something higher then ourselves.


Individuals will in general believe that popular individuals don't have issues, when actually they have similarly the same number of and now and then more.

Well known individuals are generally likened with being hot or attractive somehow or another


There are 2 reasons I could think of why people want to be popular:

  • Wealth and Power - Popularity is deeply tied to wealth and power. When someone is popular, it is not at all a surprise if they are wealthy too and have influence over a group/s of people. But often than not, most people just want to live a life of luxury.
  • For the Attention - People by nature love to be in the center of attention. When someone is popular he/she is  likely to be tracked by the media, paparazzi or even the general public as to what he/she has been upto lately. Some people want to be popular because they want to feel that they matter! They want to be talked to and loved by other people.