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What opinion do you have about relationships?

Relationships is not only a thing of the heart.

People majorly have this belief that once we love him/her, we should get in a relationship. The truth however is, relationship isn't only a thing of the heart.

Fine, the heart is involved and of course, important, it sure isn't all there is to a successful relationship.

For a relationship to succeed or actually work, it requires the ability of the two parties involved. A time would come when love wouldn't be enough, a time would come when love will fade, at that time, what really matters isn't just the love, but the intention to stay despite all odds.


When you care someone more then your self without any benefits then its begin.

This is very interesting and sensitive topic. Because people have different interest and different feeling about each others. So, I love to explain this topic but this is just only my point of view .Because people having multi feelings in . When we feel about someone then it's actually came into existence. Relationship actually came into existence because of our feeling. When anyone want to love care about someone .If some one want to close with someone and try to make dating. It's a start with beautiful questions and think too much about that person. The most important thing is how much positive you are in front of your partner and how much close with you partner. Many relationship begin with romance meaningful feelings and likeness about someone which feels you better.

Some relationship successful and healthy relationship because of their positive thinking. if your relationship is depend upon sex and you can’t respect your partner feelings then your relationship no more survive. This is one sided relationship because first people think only about the sex and second person have positive feeling about their partner. If both person have same feeling then this relationship is more strong. But if one person have negative feeling and second have positive feeling that this relationship never successful.

There are some important thing In relationship 

  • Happy feeling
  • Like each other
  • Same mind have strong partnership
  • Use positive and attractive words
  • Care about your partner

When you are in good relationship you always keeping in mind what your partner most like and what are their desires. You must care about your partner feelings Desire what they want and when they need. If you are good in communication with your partner and if you provide happiness to your partner then your relationship is more strong and long life. Always care about your partner. Respect their feelings.

# Conclusion

Relationship actually your feeling and your care respect about someone. when you give care when you give more respect to your partner. If you have positive feelings about your partner that is called relationship. Relationship begin from happiness. If you are positive person if you are good communicator. If you care more than you about your partner this thing make your relationship more strong and long life. 

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Everyone has a different opinions on how a relationship should be but to me, Relationship should be like a safe-heaven where you can run away from all the stress of life, the oppression, the negativity, the insults and all judgmental issues encountered in life . a relationship to me is a place where love is been promoted and been fostered, where strengths is been gotten from, where encouragements is been dished out, where you will be made to believe that you could do all things.

a relationship is suppose  to be where two or more individuals encourage one another toward becoming a better human without having to judge or discriminate. People in a relationship is suppose to provide supports to one another and provide a platform in which you all can all grow. 

comfort of the highest order should be experienced in a relationship. its a place you should be able to experience yourself without fear of being mocked, insulted or judged.  all this are my view of how relationship should be and it entails and goes beyond a boyfriend and girl friend relationship. it is my view on the general perspective of how a family relationship should be, marriage relationship, relationship with friends, employee, colleagues and people of the world in general. 

Thank you for reading.

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Humans we're not created to live in isolation or live their lives alone. We were created to share everything about us with someone we cherish. Beside, there can be no continuity of life without relationship. Building Relationships is necessary to our existence has humans. Relationship makes life fun, interesting and worth living.

There's no feeling that can be compared to knowing that you have someone that you love and cherish and that also feel the same way about you. Wonderful Relationship truly makes life worth living because it gives us something to look forward to each day. Relationship is necessary and vital to living a wonderful and fulfilling life


Life is a journey on a road with no shadow against the heat of the sun. Relationship is just like a tree which proides you fresh air, oxygen and last but not least sgawdow in your life. So, keeping good relation always help you to live happy and great life