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How can you know if you are happy?

Happiness is relative term. 

Happiness is referred as a positive state of mind or pleasant emotions or mood.

With time or occurrence of some events, the state of mind also changes. So we can’t say that a person is happy forever or unhappy forever. 

As for as I’m concerned I find happiness in small moments of life like:- 

A giggle on the face for my child makes me happy.

Accomplishing some goal can make me happy.

Helping others and seeing a smile on someone face.

A small family event makes me happy.

Seeing little achievements of my child.

To me happiness is all around us. It’s up to us to find them and make our life happy. 


If you are not sure if you are happy or not, look at the people you surround yourself with.

If they are all happy, positive, upbeat individuals, chances are likely that you are happy, and attracting like-minded individuals in your vicinity.


you can actually feel it... you will notice that your shoulders feel lighter.. you will begin to actually smile more...you will become more lively and also cheerful... its a lobely and implicit feeling...you will definitely begin to think more positively...

when you are acheiving your goals in life it will make you feel happy same way it happenes when your successful in what you wanna do...


 Happiness is just an event and so  you must have many when you felt good, laughed or enjoyed the moment. it  is mythical that some novels and maybe movies and philosophers have  felt that we should all try and achieve Happiness! One is happy when  something makes one elated. That feeling cannot last longer than a few  minutes or maybe a whole day with people wishing you Happy Birthday all  day. So don't go looking for it, because its up to you to be happy. You  could be happy if you allow yourself to be looking at beautiful things,  or reading about happy events. If you really want to be happy then it is  so easy to find someone less fortunate than you in a country like ours;  and should not take more than a few minutes if you just look around.  Then if you are grateful for being better of than that person; then make  that feeling your future definition of happiness. If you participate in  all aspects of life and interact with as many people as possible; then  within all that  you find enough reasons to feel more fortunate than  most; then you can go ahead without guilt and Be happy. 


In what capacity may you know when you're jaunty?

Satisfaction incorporates understanding. You know when you are energetic and you know when you are without a doubt not.

You may not feel please regardless of when you have all the charming things of the world.

You may feel all the delight of the world in spite of when you don't have anything to have.

Enable me to list a few encounters that makes us joyful.

1: Success

You feel enthusiastic when you win for the length of customary everyday presence. The higher is the achievement, the more basic is the joy. The regressive is also authentic, as disappointments are anguishing. In the event that you are profitable is getting what you look for the span of normal every day presence, you are likely going to feel satisfaction inside.

2: Freedom

One of the remarkable creator of India, Sant Tulsidas communicated, "A reliant man can't recognize satisfaction even in his fantasies" (Hindi: Paradhin Sikh Sapnev Nahi). There can be no satisfaction without condition paying little regard to whether you have all the abundance of the world and you live in breathtaking fortification with a team of representatives. When you have opportunity to do what you wish to do and opportunity to be what you have to bend up, you are enthusiastic clearly.

3: Love

Love is the sustenance for the spirit. In the event that you have everything on the planet yet you have no adoration in your heart, you can't encounter any joy in your heart. This is the place the test rises. Love ties you and you anticipate that possibility will proceed with your life brilliantly. Thus, a legitimate congruity among love and opportunity is must to proceed with an upbeat life.

4: Wealth

By what strategy may you wind up lively in the event that you don't have a prevalent than typical house and you don't think about your next eat up? You anticipate that cash will purchase the necessities of life in the material world. You should have adequate riches to guarantee your survival and satisfaction of necessities.

5: Virtues

Your karma are the accumulated abundance of your spirit. When you have done different staggering deeds for a mind blowing term, you recognize joy even while recalling that them and presenting these recollections to different people. On the off chance that you have done different toxic deeds, the affirmation always make you miserable and you persevere torment. In this manner, a fair life is a conspicuous need to esteem driving forward euphoria.


By what means may you feel upbeat when you're fun loving?

Right when do you feel brilliant?

What does it mean when somebody says that I'm vivacious that you're upbeat?

Do you know how to make yourself cheerful?

In what manner may you know whether it legitimizes remaining in a vocation you're not content with?

¿Cómo saber si eres feliz?

Remark savez-vous quand vous êtes heureux ?

Woher weißt Du, wann Du glücklich bist?

Come fai a sapere quando sei felice?

At first Answered: How may I know whether I'm vivacious or not?

This is a spellbinding solicitation to be replied. It is beguiling on the off chance that we have a HAPPINESS CHECKLIST.

In the event that you are to an extraordinary degree anxious in every something you are upbeat, by then YOU ARE A HAPPY PERSON.

In every single circumstance, are you "basically satisfying" or are you "to an incredible degree chipper" ? Being satisfying is getting along well in any case being lively is you are in the condition of "untold euphoria ". On the off chance that you are in higher engaged levels, by then YOU ARE A HAPPY PERSON.

When we are in the condition of happiness, our satisfaction spreads unbounded. In the event that you envision that its draining to leave your common extent of acknowledgment and on the off chance that you are " support" by then a point of constrainment is set. In the event that you have a mien to make past limits the YOU ARE A HAPPY PERSON.

I am a facilitator..when I exhibit my youths, and when I appreciate happiness fills me and I AM HAPPY.

When I go to bed around evening time, on the off chance that I haven't harmed anybody , then I AM HAPPY.


You appreciate the way of life you've made

You and I are in the existence circumstances we are today a direct result of decisions we've made. We each have the opportunity to make our own ways of life, and in the event that you've done as such with affection and goal, you're likely a really glad individual.

"By and large, a cheerful way of life can be characterized as an authentic sentiment of harmony and satisfaction inside yourself," authorized clinical expert instructor Jasmine Menser-Lust let me know. "Life can be entangled because of consistent changes and requests, however in the event that toward the day's end you feel content with how you dealt with life's requests and that your everyday activities satisfy your motivation throughout everyday life, you're destined for success."

You can adapt to mishaps

Gabriel Smith, wellbeing and health master with mattress.com, trusts that our difficulties can uncover how cheerful we are. "I trust joy can be characterized as the coordinated effort of our considerations and feelings towards our anticipated potential," Smith let me know. "Approaches to tell in the event that you are genuinely glad can be evaluated by your capacity to achieve your anticipated potential and destinations that you have put forward in your life."

Investigate an ongoing disillusionment or misfortune and notice what sentiments came up for you. "A standout amongst other approaches to tell on the off chance that you are genuinely cheerful is to evaluate your feelings around disappointment and underachievement," shared Smith. "Is it true that you are incapacitated or taken off track by these occasions or circumstance in your life? This may demonstrate that you may not be genuinely content with the comprehensive perspective of your life."

Be that as it may, in the event that you could move past the failure and climate the tempest, at that point chances are you're carrying on with a cheerful life. "You know you're really cheerful when you can confront even the most difficult of circumstances and still acknowledge it and discover bliss," clarified Kozlowski.

You talk your reality

This is one trademark that kept coming up when I talked with the bliss specialists. The more agreeable you are with yourself and your own feelings, the more joyful you will be. Cheerful individuals don't will in general get hindered with other individuals' assessments of them.

"Upbeat individuals feel sure about themselves and are not very stressed over what other individuals think about them," Natalie Moore, a Los Angeles-based advisor, let me know. "This liberates them up to be open, legitimate, and open to others in their life."

Cheerful individuals are likewise sufficiently fearless to state what they're really feeling. "Express your sentiments at the time. Try not to enable resentment and disillusionment to develop inside you," Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, let me know. "Say what you feel plainly and consciously. It will free you."

You seek after your interests

When you're not overwhelmed by stressing over what others consider you, you possess significantly more energy for the things that issue to you. Upbeat individuals utilize that opportunity to seek after the exercises they adore.

"Individuals who are genuinely upbeat are not kept down by the desires put forward by society or relatives," clarified Moore. "They feel engaged to pursue their fantasies, regardless of what impediments are in their direction


Your physical attributes will show it.

Most likely your friends will notice it as well. You will appear lively and energetic. A positive outlook will also be visible on you and you will notice it as well.