What made you to try online dating?

I would say the reason why I tried online dating was because I I found out that people seem to actually know my worth on social media it was like I was more appreciated and more loved in the social virtual world. The truth is that I was very outspoken online but I was actually very timid and shy when it comes to the reality so I really blended well with a lot of females on social media especially ladies from the Philippines and South Africa and including botswana as well, believe me these three countries I mentioned have the most amazing females in the world not just in term of beauty but in actually respect, understanding and they are very lovable so I bonded very easily with them.

Another reason why I tried online dating is because I was fascinated by it. Even if the ones I actually tried didn't work out because of the distance I tried it because I have been hearing so much so I decided to see how it is this involves getting to know how two people felt in a long distance relationship, the things they do when they are bored or when they miss each other most importantly I wanted to know if online dating really involves true love or not so I was curious and fascinated as to what it felt like , so after two years of involving myself with online dating, i now know how it hurts or it can destroy or how it brings momentary joy and nothing but that.

Another reason why I tried dating online was the fact that I was young, in fact I was 17 i'm basically hadn't had any real life dating experience as at that. So I started crying my luck with so many girls I met online I could definitely blame this on my teenage age because I was desperate to have a girlfriend as if I couldn't talk to one in real life I decided to go online to actually search for one and I actually did get up to three so I think online dating and difficult to find but they are almost impossible to maintain or sustain so these are the reasons why I tried to engage in internet dating


Because I am an Introvert.

If I didn't try online dating, I would probably always be single. lol. I don't go out so how could I meet my dream guy?

I realized that I spent most of my time online. Never out going, always indoors and with my phone. I had to give in to dating online and almost all my relationships I have ever had have been online dating. 

Online dating isn't really bad and here are some of the reasons people try online dating(from my own perspective/view).....

Shy: Most people are really shy to meet a person one on one. They do well on the background, online with other people but getting to meet them face to face could be a problem. So, they may like a guy/girl but may not be able to express their feelings to 'em. But with online dating, they actually could.

Time Constraint: Not many people have the time to go out on dates, meeting a person for the first time and getting to know them. They are probably too busy to go out and have to resort to the online world to find a date.

Introverts: Like me and asides being shy, most people are introverts. They are not shy but they hardly ever go out. It will be difficult for such kind of people to actually find a date but with the online space, a date could be possible.


I've never tried online dating because I never considered it necessary since I always have some extra time to meet people new and I'm in a quite busy environment so I always come in contact with beautiful people. But some of the reasons why people are resorting to online dating are:

1. Extreme busy schedule during the day.

2. Some of them are antisocial and see only dating as the only option to meet someone new

3. Some lack the confidence to approach someone that they are interested in.

4. Some are scared of rejection

5. Some want to meet people from other places or cities other than where they live

6. Some think online dating is easier and less stressful, etc


I tried online dating so i could make the world smaller, meet more people than those in my circle or along the areas i visit on a daily.

Meet. Men from different races, ages.

It was fun for a while but. I realized you have to kiss many lizards and frogs before you meet the prince charming.

Alot of people there are perverts and just there. To have cyber intimacy with different girls. Soon as i realized this was getting too much, i quit.

But then again, i realized its. A Matter luck i guess, as a. Friend. Of. Mine just got married to a guy she met on tinder, and lot's other friends i know are in stable relationships from these dating sites. I guess i wasn't just patient enough.


I went for online dating because I am kinda of too lazy or too busy for 'real' life dating. Physical dating comes with a lot of time and money Investment, plus emotional investment that comes with ladies trying to make me sweat when they see how sweet and smooth I am.

Also i have difficulties communicating my worth and intentions to ladies without stuttering or sometimes sounding exaggerating or proud or desperate. With online dating, I am much more comfortable with chatting as I am more expressive putting my thoughts and feelings in words.

With online dating especially at the beginning, I have the options of giving my words second thoughts before pressing 'send'. That way I always say more of the right thing and less of the wrong. Compare to speaking to someone physically, where I can say the wrong words and awkwardly try to make corrections with more wrong words.

Online dating gives me the chance to multitask, like talking to my date on one app and answering a musing question on my browser. One does not have to stop for the other, which is not possible with physical dating as I have to give my date my full attentions as long as we are together.

I always prefer online dating as I work, I 'live', I play online so why not date online too.



When you find a person who has the same personality as you, it's really great. Your conversations will become as meaningful as it is and will eventually result to dating. In physical (real) life, it takes time before you get a chance to communicate and know more about a person than online.

It is very easy to chat, communicate and asses if someone is into you or likes you. It is also very easy to mingle online as its just a click and pop scheme. So dating online is a trend to the community because of its convenience and very easy to achieve.

I have found people who has the same personality as mine or the character and traits I am looking for. I have a feeling that other people are feeling the same way too.


Honestly, the main reason as to what made me try "online dating apps" was to kill some time

Now don't get me wrong though,  I always say my intention to the person at the other end: whether I am only looking for a pure random conversation (usually to only kill some time) or is just looking for some fun. XD 

At times when I am depressed, I often turn to these apps to make me feel wanted and sometimes share my problems to random strangers online(that do not know me of course), Most often than not I really feel relieved after having a talk to people about my problems, people who won't judge you and people who will side with you (since they only heard your version of the story XD)

So far most of the people I talked to online and had "fun" with ended up in us being friends. We still stay in contact even now. XD


I graduated from college as a shy guy who's unable to tell a crush what he feels about her. And it wasn't like girls doesn't show sign of liking me but I wasn't bold enough to take up the moment and so passed out from college still single. Just immediately after my college , my parent bought me a phone, and I was introduced to social media, shortly, I realized I was more free expressing myself online than communicating in person. So I grabbed the opportunity and decided to try online dating, it was fun and I learnt a lot from it until I started missing the persons present and the discouragement I was getting from friends about dating someone I don't see and isn't sure of how she looks.


When I did it way back: singledom.

(Or maybe it was sheer horniness. Ha!)


We spend a considerable amount of our lives behind our screens, so it's just natural we meet people we fancy online. One time leads to another and before you know it you're in love. It's really not a conscious pursuit and not restricted to dating sites. People have gotten to marry via Facebook, Twitter, etc. And more cases will happen in the future where it will become so rampant go hook with people you meet on the internet.

So what I am saying, in essence, is that online dating is here to stay. It is a part of our growing online culture and to be frank many have began to accept it unlike before when it seemed like a strange idea.