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Which academic course covers indepth study of money laundering using crypto currencies?
Is there any Global certification program which comments on the possibilities of how the money laundering is done using the crypto currencies ?

I was curious to know the answer to this question too. Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert is the course offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. They are known for the exhaustive research in the money laundering domain.  Crypto currency is one of the significant aspect of their research.

Research Based

Indiaforensic created the first research in India in 2013 to create the awareness about the money laundering activities through crypto currencies. The study material they have created covers this research. 

Crypto Currencies

This course is one of the most recommended programs for the crypto currency enthusiasts as there is information on the way the crypto currencies are used for laundering, but in addition to that they also speak about the way block chain is used in Anti Money Laundering Initiatives. 

Acceptance in Crypto Currency

The company used to accept the crypto currency payments as fees, till the time it was not banned in India. However, now they have stopped accepting the fees for this certification in crypto currencies.

But in my opinion this is one of the best certification programs which offers the blend of crypto currencies with the applications in anti money laundering domain 

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I have been trying to get the answer to this question for a while now. There are many countries which look at crypto currencies in a negative way because of the association of bitcoin with the dark web.  In the initial days there were shocks which the crypto currency world has absorbed. But it still carries those negative shadows in some countries like India. Hence i was doing my research to know more about the academic program where i can get in-depth information on laundering in crypto currencies. 

However, I could not see much in any of the global certifications before i struck this program called Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert which is offered by a company called Indiaforensic.

This program seems to have an exhaustive coverage on the topic of digital currencies and money laundering methods. I got hold of their syllabus from one of my colleagues in India and its really brilliant. 


I donot see any programs which are focussed only on crypto currency laundering as it is a very small subject to focus on. No educational institution would go to such a niche to create a training program as specific as Laundering in crypto currencies