Can someone short become a model?

Yes, because the model doesn't have to be long, it doesn't need to be beautiful, it's unique, and it is still included in the criteria, especially with the many models of various sizes that can survive and have a career.

try to look at eight things that become the model's secret weapon.

1. A truly unique face, which will make you stand out and only have one

Do you know Issa Lish? This Japanese-Mexican mulatto model is arguably not having a beautiful face like most of his contemporaries. However, he managed to win the hearts of the world-class designers of Balmain to appear in his campaign because no one had a face like him.

2. What else can you offer in the fashion industry?

Looks just not enough. Look at Tyra Banks, who successfully expanded her America's Next Top Model empire. A dilute brain can also ensure a long career in the entertainment world. Apart from that, there is also Carla Bruni who is now the French first lady. Carla has other talents that make her survive, namely singing and playing music.

3. If you don't have an attitude that makes you easy to remember, then the model will only be temporary.

Who doesn’t love this girl, Cara Delevingne?

4. Height is not a problem when you know making a portrait that sells the product you represent.

It takes practice to be able to have seikonik photos of Kate Moss. Well, how are the photos showing you all this time?

5. The pose is natural, not artificial.

Acquaintance with Coco Rocha, queen pose that can produce more than 60 different poses in one minute. How about you, how many of your mainstay poses?

6. Having a warm and down-to-earth personality will always bring you further in success, also true in the model world.

See this cheerful and friendly Heidi Klum! So far, the attitude of the diva!

7. Having a principle of self that comes from a strong foundation so as not to be dragged by a bad flow of association.

Adriana Lima is able to maintain her virginity until she is married to her husband at this time, and see her career continue to climb!

8. Above all, be yourself!

If you don't believe in yourself, who will believe it? See Binx Walton, who is confident that he still maintains this tomboy characteristic in the midst of all the beautiful, feminine and well ... models.

Finally, the things of the world standard model that you must master include the ability to walk on the runway, face-to-face and high enough, even though it does not become a specific benchmark. 


Yes, a short person can become a model if that's what the clothing company needs.

While most companies go for the traditional specification of tall, skinny models, a company might go out of this norm if they are catering to an audience that isn't too tall.

In such cases, who better to use as models than people who aren't tall themselves.


The answer is yes, you can be a model even if you're short but the problem is it is very difficult to be a runway model.

Modeling like every job has specifications that every model would have before you can be considered and I think one of the criteria for being a runway model is that you'd have to be tall or at least 5ft 9 inches.

The good news is that modeling is not only about the runway, in short they have so many different types of modeling e.g face modeling, hand modeling etc. And these models make just as much money as the runway models, so if it's the money you're after you won't be at a loss.

I hope I have been able to answer your question.


Self confidence is the key to become what ever you wish or want to become.

Yes, you can be a model provided you are short and sexy lady with endowed body structure.

Everyone can be a model if you have that confidence and what it takes to become a model.

Some ladies became model due to their lovely body stature because they believe they can attract the audience with their body curves just by wearing sexy dresses.

For short guys, confidence is the key. You have to love yourself and never feel bad with your looks or stature. Stay focus and believe you can achieve your dreams.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


not a height problem to be a model, because what needs to be prioritized to be a model is ability, not need to be tall, thin, and have the perfect body to become a model. It's not impossible for men and women who only have a height of 170 cm or even less to sign a contract with an agency, as long as they know their limitations and strengths. It's true, tall and thin models dominate the fashion world, but there are many opportunities you can explore. By utilizing the best assets you have, the road to success will be broad. Among them:

1. Attractive appearance

One of the requirements to become a catwalk model that many people already know is to have an attractive face and a proportional body.

2. Character

Characters are also important for a model. With a strong character, he is more easily recognizable and can last a long time.

Some have been formed from the beginning, their faces are unique, the path is unique. Some form themselves. For example Kimmy Jayanti.

3. Discipline & Want to Work Hard

Discipline and hard work are important capital models that need to have if they want to survive long. Discipline here can be in a variety of things ranging from guarding the body so that the affairs come on time for the dress rehearsal before the show.

4. Attitude

When a model wants to be successful and continues to be used by designers or brands, he must be good at maintaining his attitude. Especially when working, a model of collaboration with many parties ranging from choreographers, fitters to make-up artists. Based on his experience, see there are models that sometimes he wants himself. For example, already dressed in make-up artist, then change the chest. There are also models that often complain when working with backstage fitters. Fitter is a person who puts clothes on the model.

5. Smart

Who says being a model doesn't need to use the brain? Intelligence is needed so that the model can absorb all the desires of the people involved in a fashion show.

"Capital must be smart because it has to interact with its environment, photographer, designer, choreographer, furthermore with make-up artist. If he is not smart, the choreographer needs the accuracy of his way, it's a simple thing but he must focus,".