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Do you believe that "men are born polygamous"?
State if you AGREE that "men are born polygamous" or NOT, And the reason/s why.

AGREE with the premise of the question do I NOT. 

Why? Because men are different. If you look at it from a biological perspective, some men are better suited for trying to impregnate many women without much regard for how their children turn out, whereas other men are of the monogamous family man type. And it's really a continuum. 

Men are statistically less into monogamy than women, which is understandable because women become pregnant, give birth to babies and nurture them. One thing that makes men statistically less inclined to pair bond is that their paternity is statistically slightly uncertain whereas a woman who has given birth to a baby can, absent interventions by modern medicine, be 100% certain that the baby is hers.

There exist women whose pair bonding instincts are relatively weak and who go after men and sex with multiple partners as liberally as the typical man would if he could. Such women would not exist if men had no paternal instincts. Women like that make poor mothers and if they had no men willing to take considerable responsibility for their children (who may or may not be biologically the children of the man assuming them to be his), the children would've had poor chances of survival during our evolutionary past, making it hard for their mothers to pass their genes on to the next generation.


humans are born not born  polygamous or monogamous. Society teachs humans how to structure all of their relationships and therefore you are taught to be polygamous or monogamous. Further you refine your relationships based off emotional responses you have had in past relationships which further define your future relationships.


I love this fist phrase from the answer @Calprut gave which is "Men and women are created in the same degree" although male and female are not exactly biologically wired.

To say men are born polygamous isn't exactly true. A married man sees other attractive women and can decide to flirt or refrain and so applies for women. If we say men are are born polygamous, we can as well just say Man (human) is born polygamous: women are also born polyandry.

Every instinct of a being is either biological, cultural, and personal driven and so they can be modified. Animals biological seeks sexual satisfaction and so do human. Once that is satisfied, then man is okay. Yet within man is the ability to refrain and so man can try to adjust his biological instinct to suit his cultural, personal and social instinct or drives.


Polygamy is a choice that most men choose. The "men are born polygamous " statement is used by men to justify their promiscuous lifestyle. Everything a man becomes on earth, is developed by him here. So if a man chooses to be polygamous, it's not because that is how he was born, it's just a choice he made to be that way

Men are not born polygamous. A man can be faithful to a woman and live happily with her if he wants to. Nobody is born polygamous.


NOT, totally NOT

Reason :  Men and women are created in the same degree. So there is no special feature for men to be free to do polygamy ... 


Hell yes. I am married and I still want to stick my dick in everything that walks by. I don't because it is trained into us as humans to not do that. If it were not for society standards it would be mcuh different and I would have a harem full of ladies. 

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