What was your most memorable moment on Steemit?
What was your best moment in Steemit so far? For me, it was when I get appraised from the Vietnam Community for my contribution.

 My most memorable moment in Steemit is:

When I almost gave up after 2 months in Steemit.

How  not, after almost 2 months in Steemit, there wasn't any income that I  got, and even the upvote that I received from various support bots  (minnowbooster, tpot, etc.) actually spun in my SP.

I thought, hmmm this is not the right place to make money, and I almost gave up, until I met Steemhunt. 

 Steemhunt is my savior 

When I  almost gave up, I saw on the trending topic that Steemhunt started  getting a 1.5 million SP delegation, and I tried to visit the site.

At  that time, there was no limit to the number of hunts and comments, and  this also made the growth of my account faster and bigger.

Departing from reputation 25, I can grow to a reputation of 64 in a very short time. 



Well, That a little bit tough question for me because after i start working on steemit, I collect many memorable moment on steemit, I will share some of them here with you.

-100 comments a day.

Well, if you know, to get noticed on steemit, is very very difficult and comments and quality post are only the two ways to do it, In the start, My focus wasn't on the comments side. I was posting some remedies, you can check this out on my blog ;) But few days letter i came to know about @ginabot and I came to know that much important are the comments. and that day, using whale sonar and ginabot ( notification bot ) i commented almost 100 comments, in a days and the i got almost 7 to 8 $ out of these comments, that was something big big big for me.

- 4 $ reward.

AS i have already told you about the importance , i had started working on comments on the daily basis and as per daily routine, i was commenting, and suddenly a notification popup and the notification said someone upvoted you worth 4.6 $ :O I was shocked as well i was happy, i rushed toward and i saw it was some person with the name of @gentlebot, later i came to know that it is a bot that upvote comments randomly :P

- 100 Steem reward.

Then i came to know about @steemjet, It's an initiative run by @dimimp to empower the steem and steemit platform, @dimimp shared a story with us and he asked us to make pages according to the story and as i am graphic designer and i stared working on it, i worked day and night to make character for the story, the name of the story was " olivia and Superstar" I made almost 20 pages according to the story told to us by @dimimp and the day came, i received 100 steem from @dimimp , My hard work pays off !

- Steemhunt.

Then i kept working on @steemjet as well as on @dtube and @dlive , by the way i got 43$ upvote from dtube as well, that was also a memorable day for me. few months later i came to know about @steemhunt, i knew about it before, but i didn't know the way, how to work on steemhunt,  I really want to thanks @husnainali1 who told me the way to work on steemit and i after knowing the way to work, i started working on steemhunt, and I am still working on steemhunt.

- Musing.io

I just came to know about this amazing community 3 days ago and to be very honest i am very very very happy to be a part of it, it's not just about getting reward, it's about knowing the people from different communities, different countries. Thank you @musing for providing us this opportunity.

There are many more incidence like this ;) but time is short.

hope the answer is clear my friend ;)


I have a lot of memories, which is the first time I won something.

First, I became the first Shooting Star of the Qurator's. "Congratulations @ngocbich for being our first ever Shooting Star!". I am very happy that they have acknowledged my efforts.

Next, I got Curie's vote for the first time. Voting from Curie is a great honor for me. And now, I'm still trying to get more but more and more difficult conditions.

Finally, it was first voted by DTube. I have invested a lot of my videos and after nearly 20 videos up the Dtube, they have voted for me.

Every time I win a prize, I'm happy because it motivates me to maintain my quality posts on Steemit.


There were many, but there was one that showed me I can do it.

I remember posting an article about an underground amusement park set up in a salt mine, the only one in Europe.

I went to bed hoping I can get maybe $1 for that article. It was in my early steemian days, I wasn't making much with a post.

The next morning when I woke up I saw the post had more than 100 upvotes and $2.87 potential payout. I was so happy, I couldn't believe my eyes! Then I had a better look and saw that it was actually $28.7!

Turned out I got an upvote from a curie member. It was the most amazing and memorable moment for me.

And there's another that I can't ignore. Still in my early steemian days I got a tip of $1.28 from a lady I knew earlier from another platform. We were not friend back then, we only knew each other.

I still remember her saying "we have to make the platform enjoyable for the new comers as well". That was a huge help for me back then. I will always remember that!

That case though me to help others anyway I can. I got help when I needed and now it's my turn to give help to new users.

That's life :)


Well to be honest there were quite a lot. Now that you ask it is hard to determine which one of it is the best, while every one of them holds a significance in the Steem journey.

The First contest winning 

  • I usually used to blog a lot on Steemit while taking part in competition was the best thing that I used to do a lot. While the first winnings from that competition I do remember it still now. 

The 100 SP reaction 

  • I never really thought that I would get to the 100 SP in my early days as because I was not aware of most of the things in Steemit. I simply jumped out of my chair when I saw the 100 SP in my Steemit account.

The Fist Whale Upvote

  • It was in the early days  of my Steemit Journey. And it really made my day I still remember that particular moment.

The delegation Surprise 

  • One day I woke up and saw  my SP just boosted and after some of  look up I was about to find I was delegated  250 SP from an user that was one of the best moment as well made me really welcomed in Steem community.

My 1st SMT token in my wallet

  • Steemhunt token in my wallet, I was not really aware of it but out of curiosity I delegated my Sp and I started to get Steemhunt token the first week coin was indeed memorable and exciting as well.   

Every first time achievement in Steem Blockchain is indeed memorable and it is hard to avoid others and select the best . Thank you for asking this question and I was able to share some of my stories as well.


Thanks for the intriguing question ! :))

In my case, the most memorable moment of mine on Steemit was probably when my  Estimated Account Value reached to this number. I just captured this moment a few minutes ago. :D 

It's not a big number but for me it has a very special meaning behind which, I think, is a signal of luck. 

Well, my favorite football player - Cristiano Ronaldo is always playing with the number 7 on his back, this might contribute to the release of his well-known nick name - CR7. Additionally, as we all know, the rainbow, which is supposed to symbolize for friendship, has 7 different colors. Also, I probably shouldn't forget to mention that a week has 7 days. Last but not least, according to a myth in my manga of choice, Dragon ball, when someone complete collecting all of 7 Dragon balls sent to different parts of the world, a Dragon God will appear and  grant that person a wish.

That's my story. I may sound corny, but for me, among the numbers 1 to 10, the number 7 is the most special one. And I'm definitely joyful when catching that memorable  moment. :D


It happened just one year ago. I was watching video on YouTube. Suddenly I saw a video in side bar of YouTube. It was about Steemit. That time I had no idea about Steemit. I just clicked the video. And that was the moment. I watched the video. 

Steemit is a social media and blogging platform where you can make money from your content. WOW! It is too good to be true! I know you can make money working as a writer online. But people upvote your content and you will make money from it, that was something I have never thought of. 

I got curious. And I wanted to find out more. I signed up on Steemit. I got my Steemit account approved in November 10, 2018. Yes, it was almost a year. 

After joining Steemit, it was a journey of learning a lot of things. I'm still learning. I have a long way to go. If I did not clicked the video on YouTube, maybe I would not know about Steemit then. That was the most memorable moment of Steemit. That's how, I came to know about this amazing platform.


Thank you for creating this event. The moment I remember most on steemit was:

I found the steemdice app - a gambling application on steemit. I first joined it and made up to 50 to 60 steem. And I've lured many of my friends to use it. We've made huge amounts of money (about 100-200 steels). But with some intervention from the algorithm, we all could not win anymore. We lost everything we had before. So, we also lost an upvote from A whale. It really is a memorable moment. It teaches me that gambling is never a way to get rich.


It's an excellent question. Thanks for asking it. This would be saved as a memory on blockchain if I answered your question. 

First Moment: I joined Steemit on 22nd Dec 2017 for a good purpose. I didn't apply for a job because I always preferred to work from home. For this, I need to find a platform where I can work against some good reward. I accidentally found the Steemit. I was thrilled when I received the first vote from a random user. It shows as a $ sign. It was fascinating me a lot. I'd say Steemit has given me a lot of good memories. I considered this platform as a life-changing platform. It gives me a turn, actually, a changed twist to my life. 

Another Proud Moment: After a little time, I meet someone particular person who helped Minnows a lot in every aspect. He motivated me a lot and helped me in many cases. I took SP on lease from him and sold out votes to get the handsome amount in return. I was pleased to see this progression of my profile.

Another One: It was a thrilling moment when I earned 1000 SBD. This all done due to vote to sell and making comments and posts. 


 I'm very grateful for Steemit because this one is an absolutely great opportunity for me to getting some handsome money which I saved for my personal purpose. So now I come to the point. I have most good memories when I joined steemit in the last year of December those moments was just adorable for me because I earn and learn about new peoples on steemit.

In the first month of steemit, I earn $50 SBD that was actually the happiest moment for me. When I withdraw some money from steemit and I buy some makeup for me to the learning basics of makeup. Because when I joined last of December the Steemit rate is actually pretty good.

So the Ist the month on Steemit is full of fun and happiest for me. After I use steemit to collect some money and interacting with peoples to know each other. So I must say that I've past a very good time here. Now steemit is still gonna slow down but I just hope it will stable come soon at the end of this year.

I feel always very glad to be a part of this amazing community and now this amazing site Musing. Now I want to spend more time here to collect some precious memories by the answering and questioning. I curious to know the beautiful thoughts of other folks. 


My most memorable moment on Steemit was when I got a $2.86 upvote on one of my answer posts on Musing. It is the highest I have ever gotten. Because even none of my posts on Steemit ever got more than .30cents.

It was really a joy when I saw this. And from then I have started to hold the thoughts that Musing surfaced as some kind of hope to the new comers will low SP.


When I made $3 on a post. It's the largest I have earned so far on the blockchain.