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What is your long-term goal in Steemit platformq?
For me, my goal is to earn a lot of SP to fuel my life goal: Financial independence.

My long term GOAL(s) on STEEM are:

  • Have enough SP to support individuals/projects that are doing great work on the blockchain. I feel having 10,000 SP would be my first target that I would want to achieve in 2019. Shouldn't be very difficult.
  • Second goal is to create value by contributing in my favorite projects such as @Oracle-D and @Promo-Steem.
  • As an integral part of @Oracle-D, my long term is to bring more businesses/investments on the STEEM Blockchain.
  • Onboard 100+ Indians in 2019 on STEEM who are going to stay for long. 
  • By year 2020, I would like to achieve financial stability through STEEM. 
  • Work towards taking STEEM to $10 mark. ;)
  • Launch a humanitarian project on STEEM to support Child Education in India starting from my own city - New Delhi.

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This sounds like one of those generic questions we use to ask ourselves towards the completion of our High School - "where do you see yourself 5 years from now?". Indeed, every successful journey must be guided by a goal or set of goals. Goal setting is that important aspect of life that should not be treated with levity. 

Having our goals well scripted is a yardstick for an undistracted  walk to destiny and fulfilled purpose. We must also note that we sometimes start a walk without a goal. But when such is discovered, it's not late to start numbering them. Permit me to share my Steemit Story.

@liltom002 introduced me to steemit in January 2018 and I immediately registered for and had a free account. However, trying to peruse the platform made little or no meaning to me at first since I was not well informed. The account almost remain dormant until March 1, when @liltom002 returned and further bugged me to give more time.

I can vividly remember how I made up my mind to research on crypto and steem for about a week, after gathering the information, I was well convinced to be on the right track. After my first 2 months of activity on Steemit, @air-clinic, @stach, @scripture-union and @surpassinggoogle were wonderful communities to work with. On June 4, I got a 500 SP delegation from @Ejemai and it made a whole sense for the journey.

Steemit became quite interesting because I discovered it to be a learning and motivation niche and I made the most opportunities I had. Today, I have no regrets in the decision to become an active user and I am even more confident to tell others about the platform, numbering 30+ invitees so far.

With my recent affiliation with @steemchurch which has been an amazing community where I have learnt charity and love-sharing with crypto, STEEM blockchain has become a choice destination to pitching my career tents.

My Long Term Goals on the  Steem Blockchain

Today, I can boldly say that I can link all my life projects and career to the Steem blockchain and each unfolds with new and amazing initiative to shape my world and prepare to becoming an object of blessing for my community, nation and the international community at large. 

Currently, I offer free ICT training in my Creativity Hub, Uyo for young people courtesy of my Steem rewards.

My Give-back Project

I am determined to grow my SP to a profiting value that will be used to curate love and give a future to many. One of my pet project is @writeandearn foundation visioned to raise world-class writers and innovators from high school level. @Writeandearn will curate creative contents (poem, stories, drama, motivational  messages, Christian education, tutorials, drawing, painting, music  lyrics, graphic and illustrations).

Curated articles will earn our facilitation for online and offline  journal and book (hard copy) publishing/printing for wider reach to audience  beyond the Steem blockchain.

In the future, @Writeandearn intends to give sbi shares to authors of featured contents and they will earn rewards beyond the 7 days payout for other posts.

@writeandearn foundation is currently pursuing incorporation and will pilot a state-wide campaign for young writers to facilitate their creativity to  a beautiful presentation.

Subsequently, when the foundation grows, proceeds shall be channeled to humanitarian services and educating the poor.

My Campaign for Steem Mass Adoption

While we all hope that the price of Steem will rise, am very concerned with telling everyone about Steem. I am interested in promoting STEEM is ways possible. This is to help STEEM earn a wide and mass adoption which will be a stepping stone to Steem's growth. I promise my clients 30% discount for services paid with Steem

One can build a future with Steem!

Let's grow Steem together!

Steem blockchain is large enough to anchor our careers!



I just hit my first goal the other day and was so excited! I had wanted to get to 500SP and I have exceeded that goal. My next kinda big goal is to get to 5000SP. I want to get to the point where I can give a decent sized upvote to Steemians that are putting out great content! 

I think we are all looking for 2 things if we are involved in Steem- to make some money and form some friendships. I am using Steem to make necessary repairs to my house. My long term goal is to make enough money through my efforts on Steem where I can finish all of the repairs to the house and move closer to family 10 hour drive away. 

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash


To get ahead for those upcoming dapps and tools that the steem blockchain would soon to offer. That more usefylul dapps and tools the more users it can accumulate or more investors hopping in. There is not doubt about steem's technology as a cryptocurrency and a blockchain that it could potentially be an avenue for social apps and tools. Best example are those dapps we have today. I am pretty sure, SMT will bring us good outcomes and positive outlook.

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My long-term goal here on Steem is to walk into a restaurant and have enough upvote value to vote them for the meal. Lol 

The reason why I am very invested on Steem is because I really believe that it will help me in my financial matters in the near future. Fortunately at the moment I still don't have that much expensive desires, but picture a scenario wherein your partner or your kid wants something like a brand new phone and all you have to do is make a blog post, upvote that blog post and voila! You now have enough money to buy a phone for them. XD 

So like you, my long term goal is also Financial Independence. This is the reason why I will never ever power down on Steem as I need to have enough SP to upvote myself whenever that time comes lol 

P.S: I'm 3-4months clean now from self-voting so don't worry, I will not be abusing my SP if ever that happens, I will only upvote just enough to buy their wants xD


This is something very interesting and I believe the users who are here in this downtrend now they are thinking about the long term (from my perspective)

While there are few things that I surely am looking for in the coming days :

I am here for long term and as of that means I have my future planned within this Steem Blockhain and I do believe in it as well. It have really opened a new door for me and ever since this journey has been very exciting and gaining experience ever since.

  • First Goal

To reach 5000 SP within next year (Will try to do the best to get it as early as possible). The more SP I will have the more influence I will have in here and I will be able to help as many users as possible. 

  • I don't really want to be bound on day jobs

I want to free of the day jobs and by being in Steem Blockchain I dont really want to look back in my life and obeying others orders. I will be my own boss and in future I will not have to be depended on that job in any way. 

  • I love what I do

Being on Steem Blockchain is something that I really wanted to be and I was able to explore myself and all the activities that I do I am doing it from inside of my heart and not because I have to. This is the thing that I do like about being here and in the coming days I want to make it my second home. 

  • To be a part of SMT's and coming dapps as well 

While as a matter of fact development of dapps has been really impressive over the coming days and in the coming days it will improve even more and  by that  we will see much more interesting ideas coming in here and we will see much more improvements as well. i do not really want to  miss all that. 

In short I am excited and looking really forward to the coming days. 


When I joined steemit, other social media platforms had already become too big to actually be able to develop as a content creator. I therefore found steemit and joined because even comments had some value and something was better than nothing. I was new to the crypto space and wanted to share my knowledge from financial markets and apply it to the crypto world. Help people focus on fundamentals as opposed to price fluctuations, help dispel misconceptions about crypto, make people become long term believers of crypto. Lots of new people on steemit were only interesting in earning and cashing out. I then came across dapps being built on steemit, for example, actifit and steemhunt and now I have come across musing.io. I think now the goal is the become an active member of these platforms early on to diversify my content creation ability. I think musing is a great tool to share insights and probably much better than steemit. However, I am still intact with my goal of sharing investment techniques, provides perspectives etc. Long term goal is to acquire steem, grow stake, spread more awareness about steemit and the dapps and generate interesting content. 


My long-term goal on the Steem platform is to amass as much Steem Power as possible so that when it really takes off I get to enjoy substantial revenue streams from owning it. For Steem to take off and become a mainstream platform, the apps that use it must be real businesses generating fiat revenue streams and not  depending on delegations from Steemit Inc. Steem is so versatile that it is possible to build a vast range of applications tailored to take full advantage of all the features of the underlying blockchain. 

One such feature is delegations as a funding model whereby the custody of the loans always remains with the lender. This has mind-blowing implications as risk to venture capitalists is greatly diminished. Any owner of Steem Power can give a startup temporary access to a stream of STEEM (curation rewards) from the reward pool without risking no more of the capital than what the inflation of STEEM accessible using the SP delegated during the delegation is worth. The delegator can receive tokens released by the delegatee in return for delegation. Now, there is a risk of being scammed but no risk of losing the SP delegated. 

The most important Steem application at this time is Oracle-D. It works with businesses that fund tasks by purchasing STEEM, powering up and upvoting work performed and published. You can read more about it here:  http://oracle-d.com/clients/. Theirs is a way to create organic demand for STEEM. Even if the inflation got sold, the amount of STEEM held and powered up increase under this model because the way of Oracle-D is to directly incentivize and monetize value creation by money coming from businesses.


Good question. 

My long-term goal for Steem is to get to 100k SP and to build a Steem based Dapp producing company. I want to build a Steem front end that will unite all Steem based dapps. I also what to create live Poker on Steem and many other Dapps that I think would do great on Steem. I got so many  ideas for Dapps and services built on top of Steem which I would like to see come true. 

The only problem is lack of funds, or incentive for developers to actually code my ideas to life.  That's a problem I'm daily thinking about how to solve. When I manage to figure it out, or I just take up a loan to buy 500k Steem, I'll hire a couple devs and take over Steem with my Dapps :D

My Super Saiyan long term goal is to be able to live comfortably from curation rewards.


I guess my long term goal on steemit is just to be one of the early adopters of this new blockchain. I am currently building up my Steem Power, I am not sure yet what having a lot of SP would do for me as I haven't really understood a lot about it. 

I want to make sure that this platform works out and I guess we're on the same boat. Everyone participating here would be a rower and if there are any holes that the boat may have, I will be here to pluck the hole and make sure it doesn't sink. I hope that there will be more dapps which are like musing and steemit. This are the two that I used quite a lot at the moment. Steemit I use it more to check the status and my reputation. It's like playing a game actually in some ways and the more steem power I have, the more power I have, like I have more infinity stones. I am Thanos. 

I am going to earn as much as I can so that I can convert the steem to different cryptos which is something exciting for me usually.  Steemit is fair as it rewards the content makers with the power of the community. Everynight, I am imagining that if imagine next year we could withdraw hunt tokens that have beeen airdropped. Wow, imagine that by that time, we have collected up to 10000 k of hunt tokens. I keep calculating, how much would it be? If it were to be 1 usd per hunt point, wow. It may be possible. Crypto is the new frontier. 


I am already financially independent to an extent but there are some risks involved with the income I receive, and I don't feel comfortable depending on a single source of income.

So one of my goals with Steemit and the related Dapps (i.e. Musing) is to create a second source of income tied to content creation. 

I have experience with creating videos alongside @emaferice but I recently realized that writing, editing and re-writing is one of my natural passions.

Now that I've made that discovery, I will practice writing everyday. I want to eventually write well enough on Musing and elsewhere to earn 250+ Steem every month.

My longer term goal though, is to create Steem based Dapps, projects, communities and websites.

  • The first Steem-based websites I create will probably be online forums using @tokenbb to build communties around @enfp-a and @davaocity. 
  • The larger Dapp I want to build someday will be on the domain name Humanist.xyz, and I plan on making a complimentary Steem-based Wiki for it on Humanism.xyz @humanism.

Thanks for reading my goals and good luck in 2019 😊✌


- Photo of Notebook https://pixabay.com/photo-1130743/


My long-term goal is similar. I wish to achieve financial independence. I would like for Steem to grow rapidly and go mainstream but not quite yet. I want to accumulate thousands or tens of thousands of more STEEM. Despite the insane price fluctuations, development is taking place as we speak and the ecosystem is growing. There are even several projects to implement SMTs other than that of Steemit Inc. Steem has potentially a very bright future ahead. It will take time to get their but I believe there is a good chance we will see STEEM between $50 and $100 in 5-10 years.


My long term goal is to one day be big enough that I can earn decent rewards everyday taking pressure off me. I see it more of  a retirement plan than anything else.

I am not setting any goals for what SP I might be able to achieve but the more the merrier. I have given myself a 5 year plan and that would be to try and get over 50 000 SP. It may be easy to achieve or not I don't know.

Setting targets is difficult as we don't know when mass adoption will happen making it next to impossible to get to 50 000 SP. I will try though and keep going for as long as possible.

I would like to be  a supporter of some dapps through delegation and Resource Credits so I will have to wait for what opportunities may arise over the coming months and years.

Financial Independence at the end of the day would be the ultimate goal but that means Steem needs to be around $100 or more. I honestly believe over time that this price is very possible. A lot needs to happen before that though.


I myself have three goals on this steem platform. one of them is the same as your destination.

The first thing I have the same goal as you say is to increase steem power so that I can meet my needs.

second, I want to multiply friends on the steem platform. as we know now, the steem platform has spread throughout the world. therefore I really want to have many friends in various countries.

third, I want to introduce this steem platform to many people. especially people who live under poverty. I am very sure that the Steem platform is able to reduce poverty. although the price of steem and sbd is currently very low, I am sure that in 2019 the price of steem will increase.

That's my long-term goal on the steem platform


 My long-term goal is achieving 100k Steem Power. And the other one is my most dreamy goal is making the prettiest house with a beautiful car by steem cryptocurrency that I have collected in the passes of last year. I collect a crypto coin for achieving my life goal in the real time. And I'm waiting of that when will come into my life.

The other is I want to become a professional makeup artist so also fulfilling my this dream by helping of some handsome many that I constantly worked hard here. I do work hard daily for collecting money and achieving something great in my life. That's why I focus on it and I still do hard work for getting that time in my life. I extremely love my goals and that depended on my still hard work. But I never lose hope and never skip my working because the hard work cam makes my life successful. 

 So these are my important life goal totals why I struggling each and every day for coming that those days in my life. Every person's life has some important goal and they do hard work day and night. In my life Inalso doing my best to achieving something fantastic and rocking in my life. However, I don't want to depend on someone. I try to live life happily just my own hard working ❤❤❤ 


My long-term goal is to have enough SP to build a community, they always say that children are the future, here at Steemit, the new members are the future of Steemit.

If they have good rewards, they are helped in their posts to make them better and more visible, they will stay, they will do more post and they could even last years on this platform.

Many people that I have told about Steemit have left it, because they are not very visible, do not have a lot of money in their post and other things.

The best thing would be to help the new ones, several users and communities do it, but that there are more friendly communities, they do not harm the platform.

I do not looking to become rich in Steemit, I'm looking to help others and be recognized for that.


Right now I set a goal for 500 sp. I need to see how long it takes to get there then reevaluate. Eventually if steemit stays around long enough I would love to have 100,000 sp some day. 


Very nice question on the future goals. I would like to share my one goal. My goal is to become a   psychologist 

This one is my biggest dream ever. So I try to focus on it. Teaching is a noble profession. As you know guys. So acheving something great in life is the best one. I am also on a learning process. I know every person has dream and goals. 

You without setting goal is life useless. If really we want to live life happily then try to focus on goal. That is the main thing of personal life.

On Steemit is my goal to achieve 500k Sp 🙂