How do you think or dream is a dangerous thing?
The boundaries of each person's dream are very wide ranging from negative to positive. It depends on upbringing and only partly on the human education. Maybe you have an example of what dreams don't repeat? Maybe you have a unique way of managing them?

I don't think dream is a dangerous thing. Sometimes, they are calling our attention to what we should know.

I don't see them as dangerous.


This doesn’t make proper sense in English...


i dont think dream can be a dangerous think...Its just dream.But some times we think lot about full day thats why we dream these horror topic.Also some people always stress for their every days work.Thats we need always one strees less life.And also dreams can lose peoples mentality.So for some reason we can say its dangerous can be .Thanks a lot for your question 

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I don't know that I agree that dreaming is dangerous. If we're talking about the kind of dreaming we do while we're asleep, it's actually a healthy and natural occurrence. I have heard that if you die in a dream, you will die for real, but that also seems to be debunked, thus alleviating that danger.

I do believe that it is possible to receive a vision via a dream, and depending on the context, it might be really positive, or not so great. Depending on the outcome, I guess dreaming could be dangerous.

As far as other dreaming goes, such as dreaming about having a nice home, a nice car, a wonderful spouse, an awesome family, a great job, etc., I don't see the danger in doing that either, other than what a person might do to obtain those dreams if taken to the extreme.

Some dreams just can't be fulfilled because the circumstances don't exist to obtain them. In other cases, it might take robbing banks, or some other form of illicit moneymaking schemes, which might make the perpetrator dangerous, or put them in the dangerous situations.

There will be certain situations, such as familial, national, or affiliations, where dreaming of a different life is dangerous, but by and large, we are free to desire something different, more, or whatever.

I would hope that such dreaming would not be dangerous, but a means by which someone can receive the motivation necessary to improve their circumstances and live better.

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Dream can be a disadvantage and at the same time an advantage for you depending on the nature of your dream. Most religious scholars agree that dreams is either from God or from the devil. They all corroborated on the view that good dream is from God while Bad dream is from the devil.

From the view of the physiologists, they are on the view that dream are sometimes formed from the type or kind of thought we occupy our minds with before we sleep. This is the main reason for Rapid Eye Movement (REM) when dreaming. This explains why you dream about having sex in your dream after watching porn or thinking about sex before sleeping.

In addition to the concept of spirituality, some people believe that dream is a metaphysical way of communication between the spiritual world and the physical world. This is what brought about the interpretation of dreams. This also explains why some dreams come true sometimes.

In conclusion, dream can be dangerous if you feel scared or uncomfortable with your dream and it can be fun and pleasing if you feel very comfortable and happy with your dream. We should also know that every dead person in the grave are also in a state of constant dream depending on their deeds in this world.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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