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What is the difference between someone who is stressed and someone who is crazy?
Now there are many people who, in my opinion, misjudge others. for example someone who I think is crazy, but when someone else sees it they say someone is just experiencing stress. I am confused by stress and crazy differences. I hope your answer can make me know the stress and crazy differences.

I think that being stressed is way different than being crazy. Being stressed means you have too much on your head, you are overthinking a lot, there are a lot of fears that are threatening you and your calm. Stress is usually rooted in our workplace but nowadays people seem to get stressed faster than before from all sort of reasons. 

You can get stressed because you are getting bold, because you got fired, because you can't afford to pay your mortgage anymore or because you think your wife is cheating on you. Stress has some external factors and also internal ones and usually affects our mind and sometimes the body, especially digestion. Craziness however is a mental disease. 

People who are crazy don't think clear anymore, they can't decide clear anymore, they don't see life clear anymore and they might mix easily some moral standards. Crazy people can harm other people without even knowing that they harm them or that it is not good what they are doing. They somehow live in another world. Stressed people however have mind clearance but too many burdens on it that makes them suffer. 

They can drive, they can work, they can decide for themselves and they can solve tasks, but crazy people can't do that. Now, stress is in my opinion also a serious condition affecting the quality of our lives but it's not comparable with craziness. Craziness is a mental disease that can be treated or not while stress can be eliminated easily. Stress is a matter of will, craziness has nothing to do with one's will. 


If we understand what causes stress, we also understand why it can only increase when we do not deal with the problem that is at its source. Stress can actually become untenable. It's like trying to prevent a source from sinking. The amount of water then becomes more and more considerable and the pressure increases to give the impression that everything will burst.

It is the same with the stress. It is the manifestation of the pressure that is being built by repelling one or more important subjects of our life. Since it is rare for things to be settled on their own, we can predict that if we do not tackle the problem, it will increase. The pressure (stress) then increases with the problem. At some point, like the source, the pressure is no longer controllable. We have the impression of becoming stressed.

Very often, at this stage, we are advised to take medication that will relieve stress. This solution can be interpreted as a confirmation of our inability to solve the problems at the origin of our stress ... as a confirmation that we are "crazy".

We must return to the "source" of stress to remember that initially, we were not "crazy". We were a simple human with problems of human ... problems that must be solved if we do not want them to accumulate.

And, when you're at the end, to the point of being afraid of losing control and doing serious things, it's often a sign that you've pushed the problems too long. It is then very useful to have the help of a professional to find one's way and to start finding real solutions to the problems of our life.