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What is your favourite type of exercise?
Exercise can be super fun... or hard and terrible. What exercises do you enjoy and what pushes you to push yourself harder?

I'm not a big fan of exercise. I have never been able to be so religious on exercise. But I have focused a lot on keeping my body healthy. Fitness is not just about exercise according to me. It starts from what we eat and what type of physical activity we do. If you are someone working in a factory where you have to move from one place to another to pickup and drop something every single day, I would say there is no necessity for you to do any further exercise. That kind of person will just need rest more than any further exercise. 

We all need exercise to burn the calories that we consume every day. I take a meal that is quite sufficient for me. My meal is not very heavy so that I don't really have to do heavy workout to burn down what I consumed. According to me the exercise that a person do should be kind of natural and not artificially created. I have heard stories from my friends who go to gym regularly. They used to say me that if they skip gym for nearly a month the effect will be evidently seen. They will get fat soon compared to other normal people. 

In my perspective I would say the exercise should be quite normal and it should be aligned with our day to day activities. If you are someone travelling a long distance to go to work or school or college, I would say that you can take walking as an everyday activity. This will solve the purpose as well as act as a good exercise to the body. 

Finally among all the exercise options that are available, walking is my favourite. During walking all our body parts will be involved in the activity creating a good exercise to the body. Apart from the body the mind is also given a good exercise to stay fit. During walking the blood circulation in the body will be regulated well and blood reaches all the parts of the body. 


In my early age, I was thinking that exercise is a waste of time I don't know why so many people are spending high-quality time running and walking. After that, I realized in recent years that exercise is playing an essential role in your health.

Every one of us knows that Health is Wealth so why we don't concentrate on that fact which is crucial to do. 

I'm doing exercise on a daily basis to fit myself because I do care of my fitness now. I prefer to walk and run in the nearest ground.

Running is my most Fav Exercise. I enjoyed a lot while running and listening to music.

Walking and running make you happy and healthy in many ways. We should take of our health if we don't want to go Hospital for a severe case. 

Nowadays, I am using ACTIFIT fitness app to track my exercise on a daily basis. This app is based on STEEM Blockchain. This way I can earn STEEM and AFIT Token as well. I am happy to have this app. 

We are NOTHING without a good health. Long Live Happy Life.


I mostly like jogging to reduce my weight but different people have different kind of exercise . Some time people get bored from exercise to i suggest take exercise  as  fun then you achieve your goal with interest and is easy to get but if you thing its too hard then may be you left in some days.

So When i start reducing my weight i start play foot ball and i disparately wait when next day come and i again go to ground . You know in average 90 Minute match football player run almost 9 to 11 Km . Know you analysis your self if you go for walk and jogging how much you run or walk . 

The main problem when we start any exercise . we should adobe in regular routine and take part of life then we easily achieve our goal with out any difficulty but if you just start and thing its too difficult you leave very quickly . 

For Example 

When any person going for jogging when he tier he left remaining rounds and if you play football and any other interesting activities attach with your exercise its also helpful for you . 

# Conclusion

Doing exercise with some interesting activities its provide help to achieve your goal with out dis heart and leaving your goal very quickly. If you go for jogging simply may be you left in some days but if you play foot ball and other game as a exercise  its give your more benefits .


Push-ups are have become my favorite exercises lately. I haven't don push-ups for years and one day I discovered a challenge of 30 days one hundred push-ups a day and I said why not try it. I found push-ups to be very good for my chest muscles, biceps and triceps. I am not a gym person but I like to have all sort of physical exercises to keep me active. I also walk everyday for a few kilometers and I sometimes ride the bike, but lately I became a fan of push-ups and these are my favorite exercises. 


1. Walking - it's healthy, cheap and keeps me fit.

2. Running - it's the best way to burn calories, keeps you feet and makes you feel reborn. I've learned a lot since I'm running. it helps me get stronger mentally and overcome my fears.

3. Indoor cycling - great way to burn calories (a bit boring though). 


I must admit I don't go out of my way to push myself.

I do a lot of walking in my every day life and I am happy with that. Where we live it is not the safest to go for a walk in the evening but I do it during the day.

At home I have an exercise bike which I use regularly and sometimes get a little carried away on. The way I push myself is with a weight scale and i should never do it as someways I target between one and two kilograms.

I am fairly healthy and will always be active in doing something as long as it is not too strenuous. I can walk for hours as long as I don't get bored.


If you go to the gym, you can do workout with different equipment. That’s good if you like that. I like body weight training most.

To do body weight training you do not need any equipment. You do not have to go to the gym or any other place to do that. You can do it anywhere. If you are very busy, you can do that at home. You are using your own body to do these exercises.

I usually get up early in the morning and I go out for a walk. I love walking. No matter how old you are, everyone can do that. It is the easiest forms of exercise. If you have never done exercise before, you can start walking first. Then you can jog. I like running. It increases your stamina. At the beginning of your workout, you can run. Then you can do other exercise. 

I love yoga. The movement of yoga is slow, but it is highly effective. Yoga can help you to feel better and make your strong internally and externally. It can help you to increase your flexibility. Anxiety may cause your body to tense up. You usually feel it in the shoulder, neck and back. If you do yoga, your body will be relaxed, more free and release that tension.

Cycling is one of my favorite exercises as well. I do it on a regular basis. It makes your legs strong. I also do breathing exercise. It helps you relax and make you ready to do more exercise. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is no alternative of doing exercise. So get your body moving and do exercise what you like most.


Walking seems to walk for me cos it gives me the time to relax when listening to music 



It stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique and is self-treatment for fascia. I can do such wonderful things as neck and low back decompression techniques and lengthen the myofascial lines. It is a technique using either a soft foam foller or small balls (for hands and feet). It can stand alone or can be done after cardio to straighten back up or before strength to start with a body that is in better alignment.  


My routine is i got up early in the morning.And take a shower going to walk.I daily walk 10 kilometre.I love fresh air.Many benefits of walk in our body.And come to home.My breakfast is ready eat the breakfast and going to jim.I really like jim.My jim sir daily gives me advice.How to set our body shape.Exercise is more important to fit your body.

My belly little bit big.I daily belly exercise.I have done almost 150 pushabs a day.Now a days all girls like body builder guy.I love exercise.My favorite exercise is muscles exercise.Your muscles and your shoulders also your six packs.Contain your body.Your looks to much handsome.Everyone see you.

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