How do you cope with anxiety?

For me, dealing with anxiety was a difficult thing to do.. Infact  I didn't know how to deal with it, I would just drown in my thoughts and negative feelings. 

I would try listening to music, but that gave me a temporary relief and boom!! I'm back to the beginning, lol.. Until I discovered the power of prayer and meditation.. I realized that I could just Cast all my Burdens to The Lord and I did just that and my life is so much better..


Well I will answer this question based on my believe as a Christain.

Anxiety is a thing of the mind and it has to do with worry about something, that is being anxious.

You must learn to believe and trust in God irrespective of the situation you may find yourself, getting anxious or worry will not solve anything rather it might be dangerous to your health. The Bible states;

Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

So one of the way to control anxiety is to trust God and pray over the situation.


How do you deal with anxiety? My way to overcome my anxiety is to calm my mind with other things that can entertain me to get rid of my anxiety. Everyone must have anxieties especially when he is overwritten by a problem, then the only way to get rid of this anxiety is not to think too much about the problem he is experiencing and he must be able to solve the problem he is dealing with as soon as possible the anxiety he was feeling could disappear.

Anxiety is very disturbing to our minds when we are doing a job, then the work we are doing is not going to focus because we are feeling a sense of anxiety. So before you start to do a job you must first calm yourself down so that you don't worry when you work later. If you do not calm your mind before you start the work, then the work you do will not focus on you because there is an anxiety in you as a result of accumulating the problems that you have been living up to now.

The point is that you do not feel anxious every day because you are facing a problem is to force yourself first and not have to think too much about every problem you are facing. You must be able to manage yourself, because if you cannot manage yourself you will always feel very anxious because of fear of a problem that you are facing. Anxiety will arise when the mind is disorganized as a result of thinking a lot of other negative things that he does not need to think about.