What are some things girls won't tell guys?

Well there are alot of things that girls won't tell you, particularly because they just expect us guys to know.

Whatever the case, I'll try and list out the ones I'm aware of;

1. They like you: Well most girls will never openly come out and tell you that they're interested, nope, they'll rather die than do that, well at least the girls I've come across that is. They'll drop subtle hints and leave coded messages for you which'll make you come and talk to them yourself.

2. They talk about us alot: If your girlfriend loves you then most likely she's going to talk about you with her friends alot, in fact most girls that have boyfriends spend a significant amount of their girl time together talking about their boyfriends.

3. They want you to pet them: most girls just want a guy that'll always let them and treat them like princesses, they may not say it out loud, but that's what they want.

4. Taking a picture: If you've ever gone out with a girl before then you'll know that being able to take a good picture is crucial for the life of your relationship. When she says take one picture, just know you're taking at least 20 pictures!!

5. They don't expect you to understand, just listen: Alot of girls are far more complicated than guys are and when a girl wants to rant about her problems, just shut up and listen, don't talk, just say ok and you're right. That's what they really want but won't tell you.

I hope this helps.


What are the things that girls will not say to a guy? Many things that girls will not tell a boy are one of them is when he often sits together with his other girl friends. Actually, the girl feels jealous because she believes and is sure that if her boy will not cheat and is very fond of her, so she holds back the jealousy. Girls don't like seeing guys who often play with other girl friends, because girls are very jealous so if you don't want to see your girl angry then you don't often walk with your girl friends.

One more thing that no girl has ever shown to her is the contents of the message on her cellphone, she never wants to show the contents of the message or fill out whats app to her guy because he is chatting with his male friends more than his girlfriends. So don't be surprised if you see the contents of the message in most girls' cellphones, chat with other guys who only want to get to know him if he looks attractive to most guys. We, as boys, should not be too suspicious of our girls because maybe the contents of the message on their cellphones are only with their school friends or close friends since he was little.

One more thing that girls will not say to their boys, that is the feeling when they are homesick but we ignore it. He won't say that he loves and misses a guy even though his guy is ignorant of his girl. And when we are no longer in touch with him then he is very difficult to forget all the memories that have happened with him. He actually wanted to turn it around with him, but he didn't dare to reveal it first.