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What's the most important lesson you learnt in 2018?
Mine is the power of networking with likeminds and never to underrate the power of technology, internet and social media.

Do you believe that your current life (2018) is the result of the stages of life that you passed in the past (2017)? If so, then you understand that the fate of your life path is in your own hands.

There are many things we can learn from the stages of our lives from a year to the next year. There are many important lessons also in this life that will lead us to change in a better life.

1. Don't expect someone to stay when they want to go and to leave you

Your love is not a heart that keeps being watched. You will realize that letting someone go is a better thing than later they will tell everyone about you who don't want to be left. Leave your ego, if this is the best choice.

2. Every person is temporary, or there will always be

Comparisons of people who are in your life will always be greater than those who will always be there for you. No matter how deep or hard you love someone, there must always be a possibility that it won't last long. In reality, the bad possibilities will often occur. However, remember. If in the future this will happen, don't let yourself be tormented because you feel truly lost her.

3. Stop relying on people who are not afraid of losing you

If someone loves you, they will definitely make time for you. Even though there are many people who love you, there will be people who don't love you at all. Remember, you will not be able to make people love you. Let them go. Let them be fun people like what they want. Look for something better, look for people who really love you for who you are.

4. Don't wait, save your life from now on

If you keep waiting for someone to save your life, try self-introspection. Yes, the reality is that nobody you will save you except yourself. Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone, but it's usually young people experience it. If they happen, they will look for someone to come and help, no one will help fully unless you are alone.

that's 4 important lessons that I learned in 2018, especially point number 4.


What I learned most this year is that I should let things go, I always clung to the idea I had of something and nothing changed my opinion, this year I learned to be more flexible with my opinions.

I learned new things that will help me in my goal of life (having a restaurant) step by step I am becoming a great chef.


1. Life isn't reasonable, however it's still great.

2. If all else fails, simply make the following little stride.

3. Your career won't actually help you when you are feeling sick. Your loved ones will.

4. You don't need to win each contention. Remain consistent with yourself.

5. Cry with somebody. It's more mending than crying alone.

6. Make harmony with your past so it won't destroy the present.

7. Try not to contrast your existence with others. You have no clue what their adventure is about.

8. Take a full breath once in a while. It keeps the mind calm.

9. Dispose of whatever isn't helpful......Mess weighs you down in various perspectives.

10. It's never too late to be glad. Be that as it may, it's everything up to you and nobody else.

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Everybody will turn their back one day when you require them. So never be in circumstance where you have rely upon others.

Beauty matters. I say it once again beauty truly matters. ...and i mean beauty inside our heart...

Career first before relationship. I don't state that you should not love', but what i am saying is that your career should come first...

Follow mind over heart.

Individuals will get exhausted of you when they got what they needed from you.

On the off chance that you are furious or disturbed, don't give your mind a chance to think, simply go and get some rest and close your psyche. In the event that you let your mind away, you will wind up accomplishing something you will lament

Talk up, let others hear your voice.

Hang tight for the correct one. Try not to get furious that you're single for a really long time. The correct will dependably come to make your life great....

Toward the day's end, when you are crying over your cushion, it's going to be just you, to wipe your tears. So remain solid. None merits your tears than your family.