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How to stop procrastinating?

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"Procrastination is a destiny killer! It robs us of the harvest and harvest of tomorrow" - @Uyobong

I have been bitten by the pangs of procrastination many times  and I lost many valuables to its cruel hands. I have learnt the hard way and I wish others don't go that way. I got insights into many projects that were time bound and I missed out because of procrastination. Of all, my deepest hurts were that I could not reach out and be a blessing to many and only God knows whether such persons had other helpers at such time I didn't do what I had to do at the time I had to.

Each time I remember the past on how procrastination dealt with me. I remember this quote:

"A thousand intentions is never as good as One Action" -Anon

Procrastination helps us keep dreaming without achieving anything afterall. It makes us feel "we will do it", yet, none of it is done.


1. Know that you have a limited time to live on earth.

2. Be conscious of the fact that time waits for  no man.

3. Know that things  done at the wrong time is as good as not being done.

4. Distinguish between long term and short term goals.

5. Breakdown your projects into small bits of achieve-able activities.

6. Always prepare a TODO list for your day.

7. Rank your activities on a scale of priority  and always start with the most important.

8. Always be grateful for each  little part of a task you accomplish.

9. Learn to say "NO" to somethings you know you are not passionate about doing.

10. Differentiate between the roles of friends, mentors, business associates, family, etc.

11. Be mindful of your health.

12. Lead a balanced work-rest life to prevent burnout.

13. Trust in God.

This was an amazing question we can learn from.


In order to stop procrastination,you are needed to have a huge amount of discipline. Here are some tips to stop procrastinating:

  • Set a realistic schedule. Have a timetable of the things you ought to do. But make sure as you do so, make it a realistic one. Do not overdo and do not put all things to be done with such a little time because you will just be disappointed if you cannot keep up with a heavy schedule which causes you to give up and stop following the schedule you have set. Give the right amount of time to specific tasks.
  • Use Pomodoro Technique. The pomodoro technique is an effective and efficient way to work on things. It provides time for work and time for break at a specific interval. You may start at 25/5 mins. interval then increase the working time as you progress. There are lots of apps that cater pomodoro technique. Find one that suits you best.
  • Learn to prioritize. Do the hardest task first, or the task that will give you the biggest amount of percentage of progress. By that, I mean do the task that after finishing it, would reduce the overall work. Do it first so that as time goes by, the amount of effort you exert on doing things will not be as great as the first task and you can avoid putting this task off for the next day.
  • Remove distractions. Make sure that before you start working, you remove the distractions that would cause you to procrastinate. If you easily get distracted with gadgets, reserve them for break time.
  • Reward yourself. If you finish a task, reward yourself and take a rest before starting a new one to avoid burn out.

Though difficult, avoiding procrastination is not impossible. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


Procrastination is not an healthy act in man's life, so as such it should be avoided. I think the ways to avoid procrastination is as follows:

CREATE A TIME SCHEDULE: Write out activities to be done or mark it in a calendar. You can set alarms or reminder too.

BE DISCIPLINE: You must be someone that keeps to his or her word, even if you are not used to such a lifestyle, you have to develop it. Say things and stand by them. With that even people around you will take you seriously.

BE TIME CONSCIOUS: Always be alert about time and you have to realize that delay is dangerous and we can't turn back the hands of time.

BE PRAYERFUL: Communicate to God always and tell him about your daily schedules, this is a very effective way to end procrastination also.

Thank you.


I have personally experienced that, but one day I thought why I was like this. finally I slowly tried to focus on something more important. there I started to do it slowly, at least in 1 day 1 hour I set aside time to do it.

That's where I can change the procrastination habit. from what I have experienced, I want to convey that, in carrying out this activity try to focus on one activity first to completion, then try to spend a little time on the activity, so that it can be done, maybe so long we can change the habit - delay an activity.


I personally suffer from this as well. I would sit for hours sometimes browsing my phone and other electronics about the house. 

A schedule would probably be the best idea, if you would want to eradicate this issue. 

Personally it seems like a lot of work to me. I would rather put my energy into something like musing, which is not really procrastination, because you actually learn so much while writing and thinking deeply.

But it give you the sensation of procrastination, but your sill earning and learning. That sounds to me like work. 

Awesome problem solved; Steem on, Muse on, Partiko on!!