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"CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking chart app and website that ranks digital currencies by developer activity, community, and liquidity. "

If you are familiar with CoinMarketCap, another cryptocurrency ranking chart popular for ranking cryptos based on their market capitalzation, well CoinGecko is kind of like that but has an added filter and sorting for developer activity, community and liquidity.

Developer Community - For big time potential investors, one thing to look at is how active the development team of the cryptocurrency is. CoinGecko displays how many forks, issues, pull requests, etc have been done. Making it easier for potential investors to see how commited and reliable the development team is.

Community - It goes without saying that the more people holding and talking about the coin the more it will be worth. If a crypto have a decent amount of community support then investors are likely to invest on that coin.

Liquidity - CoinGecko tracks all coins available on exchanges and sums it all up. The more liquid coins is on the market ready to be traded and exchanged, the more the cryptocoin is considered growing.

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Coingecko is a cryptocurrency ranking site. The default site settings rank cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalisation. However, you can select other criteria's by using the filter option.

You can select the All hashing algorithm to display certain cryptocurrencies based on different algorithms such as Proof of stake, Delegated proof of stake and so on.

You can also filter tokens according to the coin platform they leverage on. Platforms such as Ethereum, Waves can be selected and their respective tokens can be seen. The website can be visited at coingecko.com


Coingecko is a cryptocurrency website platform that shows cryptocurrencies information and rankings by value, charting, market capitalization, and liquidity of the tokens.

It is the same as coinmarketcap that lists all of the cryptocurrencies created. With coingecko, a user can check on his preferred :

- Coin prices , the current price of the coin (in USD, YEN, EURO, PHP, or currency in your country).

- Chart / Graph / History , it provides a thorough history of the prizes along the days, weeks, months and year. A thing needed for price analysis.

- Percent Change (%), provides you the changes of price a specific coin has. A "green" indicates increase in value and "red" indicates decrease in value.

- USD/BTC pairing, provides you the current demand/supply price of the coin in BTC (Satoshi) or USD.

- Market Capitalization, provides you the current Market Capitalization of the Coin.

- Liquidity, Developer, and Community.

- Ranking, they provide you ranking of the token performances.

Here's a quick view of the site.

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CoinGecko is a crypto currency rating site that bases its assessment on the quality of developers. Variables assessed can include activities, community reach, and liquidity. This source of information is useful for those of you who want to know the potential for the survival of a crypto currency in the future.


CoinGecko is a Cryptocurrency ranking chart application that sorts digital currencies based on developer, community activities