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What do you think about the idea that there should be age restrictions on social media?

The thing is that most social medias already have "age restrictions" to which people don't take seriously and only often take for granted. Facebook for example have an age restriction of below 13 years old:

"Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of our terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13."

Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/157793540954833

While I support the idea that social media should at least be age-restricted, I don't think it will be strictly implemented. There is just no way Facebook would "manually" check and verify ALL their users age. A kid could just easily lie on their age and Facebook won't know that.

The reason why I support age restriction is that social medias have now become a medium to random "hook-ups". It is literally now easy to find someone you think you are interested in and go ahead and meet them. The problem is that there are a lot of bad people (rapist, scammer, kidnapper, murderers, serial killers to name the worse) pretending to be good ones on social media. 

And I think kids to young adults still don't know how to differentiate "flattery" and "fake niceness" to the real ones or the bad guys who are pretending to be the good ones from the "real good guys". I mean adults even have a hard time dealing with fake people, much more the kids with their little experience of the outside world.


Personally, I am not a super huge fan of restrictions when it comes to things on the Internet.  I feel that a much better way of keeping children safe on the Internet is to educate them on the dangers.

It is important that we teach children to have discernment about the things they see and here on the Internet.  If you can instill a strong moral base in your kids, it will be much easier for them to recognize and avoid things that that they shouldn't have an involvement with.

Of course there will always be peer pressure and kids will often not make the decisions you think they should.  Learning how to handle those situations as well will help a lot.  

In short I feel that education is a far better method than restriction.


There area several reasons why there ought to be restrictions on these sites, here area unit simply some. kids below thirteen do not have the maturity level to handle these sites. have you ever ever scrolled through, let's say, a Facebook feed? does one savvy several swear words and inappropriate things area unit same on these sights? plenty. there's a tangle these days and it's known as cyber bullying. children below thirteen wont be able to handle this, rather like the majority cannot handle it either- it is a terrible issue to own happen. another excuse is that it is the law! "Users of social media sites should be thirteen years or older by Federal law.


There definitely should be. I don't see the point of having 8-10 year old kids spending their whole days in any form of social media.

I think the most obvious problem is the bad people problem. There might be people contacting children to trick and use them in several ways, which can only be prevented if children are not allowed in any of these platforms. 

These age regulations should somehow be strictly implemented. I don't know how though, because many of us do not even realise that the age restrictions are parts of social media. The reason for that is the texts that contains this restriction can be skipped in seconds without even reading them.

As a 13 year old person would require the parent's supervision and approval in any form of official act, the same can also be thought for social media. However, no parent would like their children to share personal information that can be used against them in the future, right? The easiest and safest way is keeping children away altogether 

I personally think children have better things to do than wasting their time in such useless platforms. 


I think it's important. I personally don't feel there is much practical use in the sense of learning, but of course, I'm starting to question this opinion lately. Times have changed, and the internet is a normal part of children's lives that didn't exist when I was young. So it may be narrow minded to assume there is no practical use for it at a young age.


Age restristion is already implemented on some social networking sites like Facebook.

I think that there should really be age restrictions on such sites. Also parents should know what sites their kids use and what they are posting/sharing.

In online world there are scammers and other bad elements, kids should really be guided properly.

There are also some social media sites that are intended for adults.



I think tat there should be some sort of age restriction to actually protect children for potential hookups.

Social media is fine but the people on it are a cross section of the population so you have all sorts.. There is no way of really policing it as children can lie and con their way on any way. It is a hard one but feel that at least 16 as a minimum age.