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What if I copied same exact title but wrote different content, will that be consider as plagiarism?
Yes, that should be considered plagiarism because you copied.
The fact that you copied something makes it plagiarism.
Plagiarism is the act of copying something word for word.
You can change some little things about it.
People wouldn't believe you didn't plagiarize the content if you actually plagiarized the title you know
Absolutely not! Content is what matters, not the title.
Of course then it is plagiarism if your content is only a sentence long :)
Yes because I had wrote 3 days before and I only copied the little bit sentence then also they give me flag or in your language we say plagiarism because they don't want copied sentence in steemit so don't be feel I will fool steemit by copied the sentence.i was dropped from 43 to 12 in one day or we say in one copied sentence.if we want to reach 43 score it takes long time but to drop it takes only just a few minutes.so don't do copied from website work it would be very hard to get our reputation score back.
Yes it will be in plagiarism because for the audience and the bots in steemit your first impression if your title of post and the same you will write by copied then you might have a negative comment and you could put under flag so do not copy the title you can change the title as you are writing new content.