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What is the free and fastest software in downloading youtube videos?

I use two Softwares 1 for my PC ! for my Mobile device 

For my PC I use Internet Download Manager (http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/) which really works great for youtube video Download and not only that I can use it on other sites as well. 

While for my Mobile Device I use Tubemate.apk (https://tubemate.en.uptodown.com/android) for android

which really works best for my phone and it does hangs up while downlaoding and I have loads of options in download format.

Free Download Manager (FDM) has features and views that are not much different from DAP. FDM is a free download manager software that can increase the speed of downloading various files on the Internet. In addition, FDM can be said to be 100% secure because it is an open source software which is distributed by GPL license. Some of the benefits of FDM you can see below:

Supports BitTorrentUpload ManagerDownload Flash Video (YouTube) Preview and conversion of Video / AudioAnti-Spyware and Adware files Multi-language supportDownload fasterDan much more features

Most are all Free and all are rather fast, it's the speed our your internet service that determines your final speed

The problem is that youtube changes the rules to prevent, discourage or at least make it cumbersome for these download tools, so you have to update them from time to time.

Top 10 Best Free Youtube Downloaders from vloggergear.com

Free YouTube Download.
4K Video Downloader.
WinX YouTube Downloader.
Any Video Converter Free.
ISkySoft Video Downloader.
Freemake Video Downloader.
All Video Downloader.
aTube Catcher.
Youtube-dl is the best in downloading speed and options. It can download playlist, channel videos completely and has a lot of great features. try that
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The free and fastest software in downloading YouTube videos are many more out of all I am using one of then and the name of that software is save from net.
Save from net software works so fast that if we want to download videos of 30 minutes videos it download in just 2- 3 minutes only .It is not a application it is only a website we have to copy the YouTube link and paste in the URL of the save from net and we can download it then.
So I like save from net software and I had downloaded more than 100 videos till now from YouTube to save from net software.
SaveFrom.net. It's not the website that'll surprise you, but the way you download videos that is so unique and useful.

You can take any video, say this DramaAlert video that was on my front page-


and just add ss after the www. and before the youtube.com


And there you go! You have a working download link. Just click the small blue "Download Video in Browser" text on the right hand side, and a popup asking you where to save it will appear.