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If I will mute someone does it mean that the user will no longer see my profile and posts?
I have recieved few downvotes from users with low SP. I don't know why they do that but I know myself that I didn't violated any steemit policy. I'm not sure if putting those users in mute can keep them away from downvoting for no reason
Most likely you have received a flag from the Steemit Defense League. Refer here for more information: https://steemit.com/flag/@guiltyparties/the-flag-ring

Now unto your question, if you mute someone that user can still see your profile and posts however you as the one who initiated the mute can no longer see his/her post or comments.

Because Steem Platforms are decentralized, there is no way to restrict them from ever interacting with you. What most Steem Platforms do is to hide the mutee's post/comment in the UI-level.
yes, there's a new wave of troll accounts, i have noticed ... you can read here : (no need to vote if you dont want to, i just want to alert people, they all have the same m.o. they all have the same steem power and they're all very young accounts)

i try to bring it to the attention of the pantheon but they don't always listen. It's a serious issue you can not defend against, the downvote button is gone, that's one good thing, but the underlying mechanics are impossible to change without drastic measures

and i'm talking SO drastic it might be disastrous since it might lead to a split

thats why everyone who experiences this needs to voice their concern to whatever witnesses they voted for, those people are there by your grace and goodwill, that is YOUR power

my post on the matter is here : (like i said im not begging for votes here, i wont refuse them ofcourse)


you're not the only one, ive done some parsing and they have been downvoting 100s of accounts with votes of almost zero power, its a very weird phenomenon but it should be a warning.

You can only mute people so their crap doesn't get in your face, you cannot block people from seeing you and please mind, although i have been calling for a block button for MONTHS since i got here (but who am i to speak, right?)

even if there is one on the UI (user interface, that is steemit or busy or musing or any of the dapps) you can NOT prevent people from seeing your data on the blockchain, that is how it works, but a block button would lead to out of sight-out of mind psychology and would seriously help. Please let your witnesses know and please know that you're not the only person experiencing this, the accounts are pretty young, some only a few days old...

so i'm gonna put this as second post for the day ... exceptionally because i feel the alarmbell needs to be sounded here

let your witnesses know

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please excuse me for answering twice as i just received some intel here regarding the matter, thanks to the man @timcliff


you can report them to @themarkymark police :p turns out they are already on it
No. If you mute someone you will not see their posts in your feed.
It is the other way around you won't see their profile and post which if you don't follow them you shouldn't anyway unless they use a tag that you curate then you might run into someone you don't follow but have not muted.
Yes if you mute someone you cannot see the post of any other person but the person you have muted can see your post in his feed.
If I am going to mute someone, does that mean that the user will no longer see my profile and posts?
with you muting the person in your blog or another name. Of course you can not see the person.
This is one way too for us not to want to see him or someone we do not want to see