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Do you still buy DVDs to watch movies or you just watch movies online?


In Venezuela for more than 2 years now most people get their movies from websites where they can download them or streaming services such as Netflix.

In the last 2 decades piracy had become a big business here. It was rare to find original DVDs and later Blue Ray movies. You could buy the pirated copy for a fraction of the price. However, when hyperinflation got momentum, it was impossible for any business to keep buying DVDs to burn and the prices of the movies escalated weekly.

Additionally, the prices of the DVD and Blue Ray players skyrocketed to the point that stores stopped selling them since no one was buying. If you had a player and it broke down, getting it repaired was as expensive as getting a new one, plus often times it was impossible to get the parts. I, personally, lost 2 DVDs and 1 Blue Ray player because we were unable to find the parts. That, and the emergence of sites such as pelispedia, cinecalidad, among other download pages, made spending money on discs unnecessary.

I used to download my movies myself, but my internet service is very expensive and downloading a movie would leave me without credit to Steemit, so I pay a friend for the movies (about 100 BS each = 1/8th of a dollar), I give him a pen drive, he saves them there, gives it back to me and we watch the movie on my laptop. It’s a complicated process, especially when I have to walk to my friend’s place because he cannot come drop the pen drive and public transportation here, as you know, is almost nonexistent.  


I have event rented movies for VCRs so I am quite old and I still do not watch movies on DVD players. I watch all movies online. Specially now, given that there is so much interesting content to watch from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime as well and the time for a movie to come online from theatres has reduced so much, that there is no point of buying a DVD. Picture quality is so much better. TVs can be used as a screen. And the hassle of ordering a DVD and waiting for it, even for 2 hours is just pointless because movies are such a in-the-moment kind of desire. 

I am surprised to see DVDs being sold at supermarkets on online. May be some old folks are still watching DVDs or some people want to use a DVD player that seems like a waste of money now. Or some HIpster in California wants to watch movies the old school way. I don't know. Movies for me are really just about doing something in that moment. I have easy access to multiple movies online, the quality is great. Plug my laptop to the TV, switch on the SONOS and boom, it feels like i am in a small screen theatre. 

I do watch movies in the cinema though. That experience is unparalleled. 


Ever since i discovered over  years ago that there are websites  i could get movies from at little or no cost and when i started using android gadgets,  i have stopped buying DVDs.  I watch most of my movies either downloaded on my phone or laptop or live stream it from websites using my phone or laptop at little or no cost plus i don't  have to sit in front of a television to watch my movies, i can watch it anywhere anytime, whether on a bus enroute school,  or in bed i have access to my favourite movies anywhere. 

However,  there i times i prefer going to the cinema to see the latest movies not just for the fun of it but because of the thrilling 3D sounds especially when it's  an action or horror movie plus the big cinema screen.  It makes it more interesting to watch movies. Aside that there is nothing that can make me buy DVDs again because i have Netflix and other websites at my fingertips with little or nothing to pay as subscription and my data to stream or download. 

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If I share my experience then I think last I watched movies in DVD in 2010 year. Since then I watch movies in TV cinema hall and from 2015 i watch in online portals like youtube, Netflix and some other websites. Currently I have membership of many online streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc and do watch movie's and web series whenever I get time of feel free. Even now I don't have DVD player and my laptop also don't have player inbuilt. Now is the time for online content so time to change according to time as well. It's time for everything online.

Thank you..

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Currently there is no time to watch movies and sometime when i bored i do not buy DVDs to watch movies because it is 2019 :D and everyone have internet connection to watch it online or some will download it. I my Self download the movies sometimes on my cell phone because it can be handle and move at any direction rather than pc or Laptop. Why i do not watch it online? Because sometimes the internet connection is too slow and it will take too much time for buffering so it is better to download it in high quality then the rest you know :)


This question just got me thinking on the last time I bought a DVD. It's been very long since I last bought a DVD. With the revolution of this modern era being the internet and with sites like youtube, Netflix etc that provide a collection of movies to be downloaded or watched online at your convenience, buying DVDs is now a thing of the past for me.

Even in the case of Seasonal movies that can be pretty lengthy, I just use torrents to downlaod them and store them on my machine rather than carrying packs of DVDs around. Watching movies online and even downloading them has been made so easy for all and unless one justikes the traditional method of watching DVDs, I don't see any need to buy DVDs these days.


we now live where technology is very sophisticated and every day is as sophisticated as it is, regarding the dvd, in my opinion, it is rare for people to use or buy it to watch a movie.

and in general now at the beginning of 2019 almost everyone has a name even among small children. and with a smartphone like this, people will find it easier to see a movie without having to buy another dvd in the nearest store.

especially now that there are many websites that can watch cool, good and interesting movies, such as cinema, cinema, indoxxi and so on, then in my opinion most people today are watching movies online and there are some who still buy DVDs but among low income or poor families.


Yeah, i still very much buy dvds to watch movies. There's nothing as sitting in your own living room, at your own time and without any rush to enjoy a nice movie. And having a movie in DVD means that you can watch such movie again whenever you feel like watching it. Thus I think watching a DVD movie in your house is more relaxing and enjoyable than watching online and in a mobile device or laptop


I just watch netflix. I have not rented a DVD in probably 2 years. Honestly I never even watch the DVDs I have at my house anymore either. 



Don’t even have a DVD player anymore.