How do you feel when the question you've posted got lot of answers and was also upvoted by musing and other users?

What can bring more happiness to me on Musing other than these set of things happening if I post questions on Musing. I actually feel very happy whenever I experience such things and this is why I try my best to obey the rules when asking questions to gain upvote from Musing and I also ask controversial questions to enable more people answer my questions.

Having lots of people answering your questions and gaining upvote from Musing for asking questions should be the goal of every questioners on Musing because it connotes that the question seems to obey the rules guiding musing and such questions are of great quality with controversial nature which attracts more answers from different people.

In conclusion, I am always happy anytime I experience such thing because it really shows that I have actually asked a good question which attracts more answers and my happiness get doubled whenever I receive the upvotes from Musing and other users. This is actually the hope of every questioners on Musing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.