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How much time do you spend per day here on Musing?

To make just one post in musing.io, I usually spend about one more hour just to complete every single post every meeting. In addition to the question of how to make questions and answer every question that has been submitted in this musing.io App, I also always answer questions and questions that I give must be really high quality and easily understood by others so that every post I post in the App this musing.io gets a very big curation from the musket.io curator.

I as an active user in musing.io can spend up to 5 hours a day just to answer 5 questions. Even though I was in a very busy state, I still took the time to work in this musio.io every meeting because I really liked and was happy to answer every question that was asked by every musing.io user. besides being able to get a little gift from each of the questions we answered in musing.io, I can also learn a lot by looking for every answer that I don't know when I want to answer every question I don't expect.

So, the point is that we don't need to spend a long time we have to spend every time we answer and make questions in this musio.io. But, the quality of each content that we post must be what we really have to get so that we can get a big curation from every post that we display in this music. If we only spend a lot of time asking for consideration and we don't expect the quality of each answer we give, then the time we spend is useless because we don't get quality curation from musing.io.


For the last few weeks, I've probably spent no more than an hour, maybe a little less on Musing. That's due to a few factors that I will explain in a moment.

I used to spend four or five hours a day when Musing had a large delegation from Steemit Inc, and were using it to curate. It made sense because most of my rewards came from Musing during that time. There were more people asking questions as well as creating answers, so there was more to read and more to try to contribute.

Now, while Musing is back to curating, there is not as much to curate, because of fewer questions, and because of fewer answers per question. Add to that the fact that Musing principally upvotes between 50%-100% each time, their Voting Power goes down quicker than it did before. The upvotes are nice, there's just fewer of them.

So, I might answer two or three questions at the most, and take whatever time that might mean to finish. Some questions require longer answers to be complete. Others, not so much.

When I've answered the two or three questions I can, I move onto something else, and then come back as often as the next day when I can.


I was not that much active on Musing nowadays, but today (2019.04.16) I started to be more active on Musing, seeing that Musing is upvoting questions and answers again. My latest question on Musing is currently 2 months old, and my latest answer on Musing is currently 32 days old, so I was inactive on Musing for a little bit more than 1 month.