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What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done in your life?
If you are shy, hesitant, or passive, you risk living a life filled with unattainable routines and goals. The advances we see today are done by courageous men, scientists, politicians, artists, and others who do not wait for opportunities; they create opportunities. So if you want to be someone who is brave and can not be stopped, here are some ways you can do to start your momentum. Pretend you are a brave man. If you exchange places with someone who is very brave, what will they do if they are in your position? If you know someone who is brave, imagine how they will act. If you do not know anyone like that, think of a brave character from a movie or book. Spend an hour every day for a week to pretend to be them. When you do, go to a place where people do not know you and will not be surprised to see your actions that may be other than usual. Try to do and see what happens You may find extraordinary things when you are brave, and you may be sure to apply this attitude to your daily life. Take the Initiative when you feel hesitant especially in interacting with other people save your ego and take the first step. Ask your colleagues if they want to go to the cafe for a drink after work. Tell the people you like that you have 2 concert tickets and you want the person to come with you. Give your best friend a hug and apologize for the mistakes you've made before. Smile and flicker at an attractive-looking cashier. Do something out of the question, what can you do that will surprise people who know you, wear high heels in a dance class. Courageous people are not afraid of trying to do something new, and one of the reasons they are very interesting to be around you is because they keep you guessing.

You can start from something small, maybe wear clothes with colors or styles that you do not normally wear, or visit places you do not normally visit. In the end, you will reach a point where you have an idea that leaves the other person open as you speak.
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Climbing South East Asia's tallest mountain which is mount kk. It took around 30 hours to climb, on the way to the summit, i felt ill and did not know if i could actually make it. Then at a point of time, I needed to use the toilet and found one just beside the mountain on stilts. I went in and it was clean on the outside, until i open the cover and saw heaps of poop surrounding the inner part of the toilet.
Letting go of my university education and starting all over again in an industry I didn't have a degree in. Back then, it was huge for me because everyone in my class thought I was crazy.

'You spent 4 years and have 4 years of experience in this field and you're just going to leave?' they asked me.

I told them yeah, I was.

It has been the best decision I ever made!
Standing up to thiefs in bus who tried to steal from my classmates school bag.

There was about 4 of them scattered around bus and when i confronted one of them, they all ganged up on me. Luckily there was one really beefy dude who joined me and scared them off the bus. I was 15
For me it was fufiling the dare of walking up to a random girl and chatting her up.

That's one of the things I've been able to do only once in my life.